Where/how to find a mentor?

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Hi all,

I feel although I'm making progress (albeit very small steps) it would be beneficial for me to have a contact who is already established and getting real results (and who could perhaps critique my work so far).

I work hard and would love to be able to offer something back in the future in return for the help.

Any tips on where to find this person?

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    Hire someone from this forum. Post in the Warriors For Hire section.
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    and join the warrior forum
    $100 / Month Virtual Assistant Wanted! PM me if interested asap
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    I've sent you a PM regarding my coaching program.

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    I say hire someone from the warrior forum as well. Getting personal coaching can increase your learn curve tremendously. I also have a coaching program.
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      While there maybe someone here on the forum that does what you do and coaches, they may not be the best coach for you. This applies to finding a coach whatever need you may be needing to fill.

      Is there someone that you follow, you know get emails, newsletters and the like from, that resonates with you. If so are they selling coaching time on their site or in their emails. If so then definitely take them up on the offer. If not then email them and ask if they coach others.

      The reason that you should start on your email list is these are the people you take the time to hear from, they say something to you or they would not be there.

      Another good place to start if you are really new and do not have anyone on your email list in your niche, would be to look for the leaders in your niche. Ask them if they coach. Or ask if they have a product that walks you through step by step, that gives you access to ask questions.

      I hope this helps, but I never think you should just ask someone because they are a part of the forum. We have amazing people here and some amazing coaches, but if they are not going to be geared to handle what it is you are looking for, then you will not feel like you have gotten the most out of the experience and you would never want to waste someone's elses time or talent, much less your own. =D
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    Paid coaching can be really helpful, just make sure you are getting a good coach. The programs are expensive so you want to really research.

    Feel free to add me on Skype too. I can answer questions for you. I can't promise to hand hold you through everything or to be available at all hours, but I can answer questions for you, talk about ideas and strategies, that type of thing.
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