Made my 2nd sale! But Not showing in Earning List!

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I am very new in the sector of affiliate marketing. I have recently sold 2 items from amazon. I can see that the 4% affiliate income from the first product in my amazon associate's dashboard. But even though I sold another product it is not showing in the earning report. It is only showing in the ORDERING report.

Is this something that I should be concerned about?

Thank you
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    And, if it helps, the second item was a video game.
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    The order may have been cancelled. You can contact Amazon Associates Customer Service through the feedback link on the Amazon Associates Page for an explanation. Some reasons that may contribute to delayed shipping or cancelled orders are:
    - Special order titles have long availability times.
    - The item may have been canceled by the customer.
    - The customer's credit card may have been declined.
    - Shipping options chosen on the order form may also contribute to delays.
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    It's probably because the item hasn't been shipped yet. It only shows in the earnings report once the item is shipped.

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      Thanks. I think this might be the case here.
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    Well done on your sales Asif.

    Give it time and you'll probably find those sales will register.
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    nice work irtiza..

    I am also facing the same problem, the earning is not showing in the list..
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      This is an old post, alamest. The OP is either a 7-figure marketer by now, or dropped out of the game, most likely if the former didn't occur .

      Doesn't have anything to do with your earnings, or anything, but he's likely not to see your post.
      Are you a newbie who would love to learn how to start making money online? Boy, do I have a free report for you!
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    Yes, most likely because the order was made, but the item haven't been shipped yet. Just give it some time
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    Yep, if this happens it's because it was bought but hasn't shipped yet. Sometimes it will take a while for a particular product to ship and it won't show up in earning for several days. It can be frustrating when you are a newbie waiting to see what you've earned. Once you start selling lots of products it gets easier because you will always have a discrepancy with more products in the Orders than the Earnings. This is nice because you know that you'll be getting a rising earnings total soon. Always fun!
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