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I started looking for products to promote thru my micro niche website.
But the item which i wanna promote costs 150$ do you think that people will buy it?or will they buy something from amazon redirected from my site for 500$?
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    What niche are you in? Depending on the niche, some customers are ready to spend money when they arrive at your site. Others are not. If the term they searched to find your website is often searched when someone is looking to buy, then those could be excellent products for you to sell.
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    Depends on what the product means to them. If it is going to solve a problem for them and they like your review. Why not...
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      Hi Kamal, how are you?

      I think it's easily possible to sell things online for $150 (and even for $500). The reality, with such offers, tends to be that ...

      (i) You have to have sales copy (not necessarily on your own site: for an affiliate offer, it can be on the vendor's sales page) which really "answers the objections", and ...

      (ii) Your traffic has to be pretty well targeted. Persuading people who weren't already looking for "something like that" to spend $150 (or $500) can be something of a long, slow, uphill struggle.

      So it depends on how good the sales copy is, and how well targeted the traffic is, really, I think.
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    It really depends on what you are offering for $150 or $500.

    Personally, I would never spend as little as $500 on a car or a hot tub. If I wanted to purchase either of those items, I would expect them to cost more, and would flee if you offered to sell me both for less.

    I have purchased high dollar items online from online retailers. Other people buy high-dollar items online as well.

    The most expensive thing I have ever sold online was $8000.

    If you can bring together the right offer, the right customer, and the right price, then you will get the sale.
    Bill Platt, Oklahoma USA, PlattPublishing.com
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    I just find it works like this: You can either sell lots of a cheap product or a few of the expensive product.
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    My niche is guitars.
    So, shall i start with it?

    Alexa, Hi! great, thanks. What about you? Thanks for advice
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