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Hey Everyone

Well, first of all, I'm a 16 year old boy eager to learn IM. I have been reading and trying out different things for around 7 months now, always trying the "newest method", or how some of you call "The next shiny object". I noticed I should change my attitude and focus on one method and test it to its maximum potential;

I have been working on an affiliate website for a few weeks now , with the goal of getting people to sign up to my list. I came to this conclusion after reading a whole lot of threads saying that "the money is in the list". At first the website was ment to have some affiliate offers as primary income method, but now its changed. My primary goal is to get people to sign up to my list and build up trust with it and the affiliate offers go second.

Now, I have almost finished my free report I'm going to give away as incentive for people to subscribe to my list, but here is the thing..

After they introduced their email, should they get an instant download? Or should I send them to a thank you page, with the download available there.

I'm really not sure how this thank you page should look like, I guess it should contain a big fat title, some short information about the free report and the download. Should I bother adding an affiliate offer on the thank you page also?

God, I'm a little confused at the moment

Any help would be greatly appreciated :rolleyes:
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    Originally Posted by SUPER IM View Post

    thank you email, with a confirmation to a download page. therefore they are opt in
    Ah yes, so they subscribe to my list, and the first email I send them is an email to the download page?
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    Hiya mate,

    First off... don't believe what anyone says is right or wrong... always test and try things for yourself... be skeptical and try different things.

    My personal opinion is...

    If you are using double opt-in then just because someone opts-in to your list does not mean they will confirm their email address and get your future affiliate promotions.

    In that instance it is a good idea to use a thank you page telling/asking your subscribers to confirm their email address in order to get their free gift (ie. an incentive).

    However you will still have people who do not confirm their email address (maybe they can't be bothered or maybe they forget) which is why a lot of folk put one-time-offers or affiliate promotions on their thank you page (ie. while you're waiting why not check out these products...).

    A thank you page is the only page you know everyone who opts-in to join your list will ever see and it's worth making the most of that space.

    Good luck,
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    First off, congrats on researching and trying to find the right answer for your challenges! Asking for help and then testing stuff out - that action alone already puts you ahead of the vast majority of people who want to make money online.

    You want to include the download link on your first email message back, you do NOT want to put it on the Thank you page.


    Because it's easy to view the source of the signup page and see where the redirect is...and grab the download that way *without* giving up the email address.

    Hope that helps!
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      First Big Al is right, in that there is no SINGLE answer that fits all markets.

      And I understand the desire to "lock up" your valuable content till after the confirmation. Depending on the market your going for it could work. That's not what I prefer.

      I feel that anyone who would sneak around your code to get your thing without coughing up an email, will not buy anything anyway.

      So I would put it directly on the thank you page under a video explaining they need to click the link in the email to get MORE cool stuff from you.

      By giving them what they want right away, you get your content into their hands, even if they gave a fake address. It gives you another chance to build a relationship and perhaps they will sign up after they know you better.

      The important thing is get whatever you are doing deployed right now! Don't over-think it. You can (and should) always adjust it later.

      And the best of luck to you.
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    Wow, thanks so much for those awesome replies!
    Atleast I know what to do now, thanks again.

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    You can add some affiliate programs in your thank you page. Try this one: RAP Bank*Instant Commissions Vault They have so many 100% commission offers.

    And pick a product under $20 because everybody that opt in to your list wants a free report so they are not ready enough to pay more than $20.

    I hope it helps.
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      Congrats on getting started in IM so early.

      While it's smart to seek out best practices, the ultimate answer lies in testing each of your options and seeing what is best for your bottom line. What works for my business may be different from what works for yours.
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    Thanks again for all those helpful replies! I'll have a look at rapbank, I think I even have an account there already.

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