Problem with the WF, involving Cookies.... (Mod's please read)

by Oneman
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These past few days I've been logging into the WF from a few different places - namely a libary, an internet cafe, and my local broadband - and I'm having a problem accessing this forum when I type the URL into the adress bar.

I keep getting a message saying that the webpage is trying to redirect in a way which would be impossible to complete - and that the problem is to do with cookies.

I've tried clearing the cookies but the same problem occurs.

In the end I have to Google the site and then access it through clicking on an in-site link like the WSO board.

Is anybody else having this problem?

And, just thought that I'd bring it to your attention.


The forum MAY expirience cookie-stuffing attacks soon unless the flaw in the WSO forum is fixed - just want to bring this to your attention swiftly so you can fix it up.

That's all.

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    Hi Oneman,

    See HERE

    Regarding the cookie stuffing thing - (from HERE) - there were two forum moderators in that thread, so no need to let admin know - one of the moderators mentioned in another recent thread about this that the admin is aware of this problem, but thanks anyway.

    Roger Davis

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