How to Speed Up Your WP Blog

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I just received this mail, replied, -and thought I'd share my reply with you guys.

"My blog is really slowing down and not responding the way I require. I need someone to teach me some things so I'm not so dependant on others"
And the solution is:

1. You can check your site's performance report here: GTmetrix | Website Speed and Performance Optimization
2. Follow tips here: How to Speed Up Wordpress - The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide | IM Impact
3. You'll notice they'll recommend signing up to which is a great idea (free account)
4. More tips (some extras not on first site) to speed up your site here: 18 Useful Tricks To Speed Up WordPress & Boost Performance

Run a report after each step on GTmetrix | Website Speed and Performance Optimization and see what difference it makes.

Hope that helps. If you're struggling let me know, you can create a user account for me in WP and I'll give you an estimate of how long the entire process will take me and provide you with a quote.

This'll take a few hours for you to follow and implement these steps yourself, some are pretty confusing but just doing the basics will help a lot.

Keep well guys
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    Thanks, very useful post.
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    This is pure gold.

    Thanks for sharing it with us.

    Google has begun to penalize sites for being too slow.
    In their opinion it degrades users experience.
    And they are right. We all hate it when we click only to wait and wait for something to load.
    Ever since I moved my sites to a Virtual Server, I have seen increased conversions.

    People love to pay 4 dollars a month for hosting but do not realize that it's costing you money to have cheap hosting.
    Slow load times decrease sales.
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      Perfect Timing!

      I was just thinking about how to speed up my wordpress site this morning!
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    Thanks for the great information, I know how part of this afternoon is going to be spent.

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