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How do i rent a domain name? As in have domains i want to rent is it profitable?
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    Please check out Gene Pimentel's course Easy Domain Cash right here on the Warrior Forum. I am implementing it right now. I just got started this week. Here is the link:

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    I've never done it so I can't say whether or not it's profitable. However, I would assume that to "rent" a domain you just change the settings in your domain's control panel to point to the website of the person who is renting it and they pay you a fee each month for doing so. If you know how to point the domain to your own site, pointing it to someone else's won't be any trouble.
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    I've never understood why someone would like to "rent" a domain, unless it is perhaps for a quick marketing campaign and the domain's traffic/ranking, etc. warrants it. Better IMHO to get your own domain and build it up - then you'll have an asset, brand, etc. with value.

    Please enlighten me if I'm wrong ...
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    Yes you can make money if you rent the domains to the right people. It really depends on the type of keywords you have in the domain as well as the age of the domain.
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    When renting a domain there are certain things to put into consideration such as; if its a keyword rich domain, the domains niche, if its a short detailed domain name, if it has traffic etc. Its profitable if it possesses some of the attributes listed above and you type of niche you are interested in.
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