Six Businesses You Can Run From A Tropical Island

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Credit goes to Yahoo! for the article;
Six Businesses You Can Run From a Tropical Island - Yahoo! Small Business Advisor
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    Hehehe...I'm familiar with the guy that wrote that article. I took a screenshot and put it on Twitter a few minutes ago, hehe:!/AdSenseFlipper...305344/photo/1

    It was written by Sean Ogle - Location 180 | Location Independent Living for the Masses who just started a new site:
    Location Rebel | Build a Business You Can Run From Anywhere on Earth about living/working from anywhere.

    Pretty awesome to make the first page of Yahoo. He wrote it a while back and it got some attention, but now making it to the first page. I do wonder if this is a new trend for 20-30 somethings...I think it's a good thing.
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      I'm wondering if the island needs to be tropical?

      How do we power the computer?

      Wait, are we hypothetically stranded or not?
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    Interesting article. I currently run my business from an island and I'm using 3 of his 6 methods. It really works. Though I haven't yet mastered the ability to do it in 4 hours a day.

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    Good article. What's funny is how he acts like it is so easy. Owning a website is frustrating, like any business. And it is a struggle. But I love it.
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      Originally Posted by jwmann2 View Post

      Good article. What's funny is how he acts like it is so easy. Owning a website is frustrating, like any business. And it is a struggle. But I love it.
      Tell me about it. Just setting up a website is a multi-step process. But internet marketing is one of those businesses that costs a few hundred dollars to start which can pay you millions of dollars in the future.
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    But here's the real question... Can I run my business while holding a drink with an umbrella in it??? Or is that just asking too much?!

    All jokes aside, I hope that people don't read that article and assume that running certain businesses is easy. Ask any business owner, in any industry, in any area, and they'll tell you that running a successful business is hard work!
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      Originally Posted by NicoleBeckett View Post

      But here's the real question... Can I run my business while holding a drink with an umbrella in it??? Or is that just asking too much?!
      If this is asking too much then I give up right away!
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    This is exactly, what some of the expats do here in Yucatan.
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    thanks mate. thats an excellent article. I like how all of those businesses typing or the internet.
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    Thanks. Great article!

    That is the beauty of internet marketing though, isn't it? Being able to work from anywhere, or almost anywhere. Using the term tropical island is perfect. How many people view that as freedom? Luxury? The perfect vacation? But we do need electricity to recharge the laptop.

    Owning your own business is definitely hard work. So is busting your butt for a corporation who tends to divvy up the bonuses to the top people and the only trickle down effect is a measly dollar (or more if you're a lucky one) an hour raise.

    The freedom to go on vacation and take your business with you (laptop) is second to none.

    I started my own business many years ago after I realized I couldn't stand the thought of a daycare raising my son. It was an incredible struggle. I worked harder for myself than anyone else. I got up hours before everyone else to get some quality work time in and went to bed hours after the family was fast asleep.

    It takes commitment, hard work, dedication, and perseverance to run your own business.

    I could leave tomorrow for a tropical island.

    And I wouldn't have it any other way.
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    Well I don't use many of those methods but have lived on a tropical island for 2 years and run my business just great. But then maybe having access to 10 meg ADSL is cheating??

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      I'm fairly far away from an island here in Kentucky, but that's partly because my fiancee is going to medical school here. Perhaps in four years I can revisit the article and see where my freelance writing has lead me... or where her doctoral degree has lead us!
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    Where is the snow and the skiing?

    People I know who live and work in a resort town are often so busy with work, they don't get much time to enjoy the resort - unless they are retired.

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    Is selling coconuts to tourists included? if so, why not?
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      As a part-time Maui resident (which definitely counts as a tropical island), I've learned that you can run just about any non-face-to-face business from a tropical island. However, there are two things you may want to check out before you commit yourself to a particular location: (1)Internet connection and (2)Mail service.

      Internet connections may not be what you're used to. It depends on the island. Some locations are prone to power blackouts.

      Mail service may also not be what you expect. I was lucky to get a mailbox at a reputable mail center as the post office had no boxes available, and mail delivery where we live is not secure at all. Also, if you're used to ordering things by mail, you learn very quickly to look up the FAQs for each ecommerce site to see if that site will ship to your location. Hawaii is part of the US, but some companies will only use UPS or FedEx for shipping and that's not affordable for Hawaii. Others offer a USPS option.

      When we're in Maui I have to make big changes in my daily schedule and I'm not as productive because there are too many wonderful things to take advantage of there. A daily swim belongs in the morning when the ocean is calmest, and running and long walks work best in that time slot, too, to avoid the hot sun. Off the island, I get the most work done in the morning. But I've worked that glitch into my overall business plan and all is happy!

      Marcia Yudkin
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    That's my dream goal, to live on an island or somewhere that it's warm all year round, and run a biz from my laptop. Thanks for the article link!

    ChipFixx custom mixed auto touchup paint kits.

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    the article is nice and inspiring but not too much detail...

    I actually do live on the beach for most of the year just from the money i make from internet marketing but I didn't get there overnight.

    it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to get to the position that you KNOW you can afford to live anywhere you like...
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      Good thread Steven.

      Let me encourage everyone to look at some of the comments below the article. An interesting range of mindsets.

      Joe Mobley


      Follow Me on Twitter: @daVinciJoe
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    that's basically everything one should know to run a successful info publishing business
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    I'm from one of those tropical islands and how many times
    I've toyed with the idea of moving back because I'll be
    able to live very comfortably doing just one copy gig
    per quarter!

    I'll dream about this move tonight.

    BTW, my island has high speed internet, reliable
    mail services but you'll need a back-up generator
    for frequent blackouts and hurricane season.

    -Ray Edwards
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      The point being if you can master online stuff then it enables you to be location independant.

      However it can also mean that whenever you go on holidays you invariably take your work with you........
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    I liked this article because it related internet marketing with tropical island. Something about online marketing relates to financial freedom which relates to a tropical island.
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    How do you do Copywriting in 4 hours a day?
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      Originally Posted by Sparda View Post

      How do you do Copywriting in 4 hours a day?
      Being able to write copy that sells is crucial if you plan on running a successful internet business. I recommend a book by Maria Veloso called "Web Copy That Sells" I think it's like $15 on If you can master the skill of web copy and influence, you will make money online.
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    I have a lot more work to do before I can live and work on a tropical island but this would be a great goal.

    The article makes it sound like a walk in the park. Puts me in mind of the many many push button easy emails I get everyday.

    Gotta have a sense of humor to be in this business.
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    I didn't know that there was any way of running a business anywhere else BUT an island!

    I started mine in Honolulu and have been operating it from Montreal - both cities are on islands (admittedly Montreal is an island in a river and hardly tropical).

    I think what the article really illustrates is that ours is a profession that you can work at wherever there is a good Internet connection. One day we'll be running our businesses from the Moon or in orbit!

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    He left out webcam models $2 a minute!!
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    As some people have stated already, the article makes it sound easy, but I think the whole purpose of the article was to give awareness. Most people aren't aware of what we Marketers know, and if I was one of those people that didn't know about the businesses in this article, I would definitely be enlightened and motivated to "stake my claim".

    So if anything, people should take this article, get motivated, do what they can to learn about a specific business model, and work hard towards success!
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    Great post and thanks for all the advice. I am currently doing business online and all I need to master is how to juggle my time having 2 jobs, one full time and a part time task.
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    Great article. There was actually a website I came across that was similar to location rebel. Forget the actual name of the site though. I've actually looked not only into businesses you can run from anywhere, but, also from your own smart phone. I like the idea, of being anywhere in the world, and running everything from just that one piece of technology.
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