Experiment - try another search engine for a day!

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First of all, I'd just like to say this thread is NOT about bashing Google. it's simply about trying new things and seeing the world slightly differently.

I got to thinking about inertia and how it influences the way we see the world and the products we use. Here's an anecdote: during the Iraq war, like many Europeans, I boycotted some American products (this was not an attack on ordinary Americans, just my expression of distaste at the way some corps were supporting war - most of those corps made their stuff in Europe and elsewhere outside of the US).

Anyway - it turned out to be a useful exercise in exploring brand quality. I found that my boycott of Coca-cola and Colgate lasted about a day. All the substitutes were dreadful, and I couldn't bear them. However, I found it very easy to move from Ariel washing powder to Persil - Persil washed better. Same thing with washing up liquid. Fairy didn't do as good a job as Persil liquid.

The point is - I would never have found out that Persil made such good products, or that Colgate really were the best if I hadn't moved out of my state of inertia and tried new things.

The same thing applies to search engines. Google really was the best back in 2000, but is it the best now or are we assuming that because of inertia?

It's easy to try another search engine for the day - if you use the Chrome browser, just click on tools, and on manage search engines and set a new engine as a default.

Here are some search engines to try:






Please post your experiences with each engine, and recommend engines I haven't listed that you like.

My feeling is that what suits one person will not suit another, because we all search so differently.

So far I have tried Blekko - and went screaming back to Google within two hours. Am currently trying Yandex and am pleasantly surprised by the results so far though I think the look of their results page is a bit out of date. It's funny how the look of an engine influences you - I never thought it did, but it does!

P.S. As this is not a google-bashing thread, don't post any anti-google rants!
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    hmm... always good to try different things... but i prefer trying only for a change or if i have been told the new one been tried is better than my usual...

    did you find any of these search engines even close to google?????
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    I use Yahoo a lot. They do well.
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    Nice point.

    I find that using a few different search engines is sometimes necessary depending on the search. For example, if you don't get the right results in Google with a certain search phrase, you might try Bing or Yahoo (and might be surprised by the differences!).
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    Tried Bing and wasn't satisfied.

    I think people will only appreciate other search engines if they can provide
    a new concept. Something that will differentiate them from Big G.

    Until then, I think Big G will continue to dominate the industry.
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    Have only tried two so far, Blekko and Yandex. Didn't like Blekko at all. Yandex results are very good - as good or better than Google. The only thing I don't like is the look of their page, but maybe it's because I am not used to it.

    This sounds silly, but I really like G's spacious look. That is one takeaway for me - that presentation really matters.
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    Most people will never take you up on your challenge, because they would choke on their Kool-Aid.
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      At the risk of committing heresy, I freely admit that I use Google, Yahoo and Bing on a daily basis.

      I started using a Yahoo home page years ago, and inertia has kept me using it - hence a Yahoo search bar.

      Bing is the default search in IE 8 and IE 9, and I'm finding that for many searches the results have greatly improved.

      Google is still the workhorse, mainly because so many other people refuse to use anything else. Besides, the Kool-Ade tastes kind of funny...
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        Originally Posted by JohnMcCabe View Post

        Bing is the default search in IE 8 and IE 9, and I'm finding that for many searches the results have greatly improved.
        Has the search quality really improved since the old msn/live search, or has your perception of the search improved, simply because the presentation on Bing is such an improvement?

        I'm really starting to think that lots of these big brands keep and increase their customers because their web-pages look so good. But that flies in the face of the axiom that "ugly sites sell" - unless ugly only works with generating Adsense clicks, and not at all with brand-building.
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    I don't get what the big deal is.

    Who cares whether people focus on Google or not?

    That's their business.

    You can't exactly build a site without some other search engines finding it, so it's not like you can ignore them.

    nothing to see here.

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    I don't know about John, but I get better search results from Bing than I ever got from MSN Live.
    Bill Platt, Oklahoma USA, PlattPublishing.com
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      I like your thinking OP.

      For IMers though, Google is a big thing. Sure we could stop using it for a day though for searching.

      I always try to say "search it" instead of "Google it" since it's evolved into a form of Newspeak.

      I like Yahoo!
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        I recommend this one for some fresh perspectives.
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          Originally Posted by tpw View Post

          I don't know about John, but I get better search results from Bing than I ever got from MSN Live.
          Exactly. Many times the results are as good as, if not better than, the almighty Google. Has nothing to do with the look of the page. All three are pretty plain, which is not a bad thing at all...
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  • If you want to make money you go where the people are... it's that simple. In the USA the people use Google, Yahoo, then Bing.
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      Originally Posted by InternetMarketingIQ View Post

      If you want to make money you go where the people are... it's that simple. In the USA the people use Google, Yahoo, then Bing.

      No longer the case.

      They use Google, Bing, then Yahoo powered by Bing.

      If people are so busy going to where their prospective customers are, then why do they focus exclusively on Google, excluding Bing and Yahoo?

      For those of you who ignore Bing and Yahoo... Thank you!! You are making things so damn easy for those of us who don't ignore them. :p
      Bill Platt, Oklahoma USA, PlattPublishing.com
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        Just thought I'd do an update on my little experiment. Here's what I found:

        DuckDuckGo: Nice cheerful interface. Not bad for informational searches, but for product searches, they were serving a lot of spam (MFAs etc) that you no longer find in Google or Bing.

        Also, they frequently listed Amazon in their organic results for product searches - but when you clicked through, the duckduckgo amazon associates tag is in the URL.

        Here's an example: the search for "Apple iPad" apple ipad (Software) at DuckDuckGo

        Amazon is at #4 and when you click through, check out the affiliate tag in your browser. And they don't disclose in the SERPs that they have an affiliate relationship! They make Bing and Google seem like models of transparency.

        Given that to break through and gain market share in search you have to have public trust, I feel their cookie stuffing is a big fat fail.

        Yandex.com. Their interface looks like something out of the mid 90's, but their results were extremely good for both informational and product searches. Couldn't fault them at all in the week I used them

        Bing Loved the interface, my fave of all the search engines. Happy with all results, both info and product, apart from when I was searching for people's blogs.

        I can never remember blog names, I just tend to search for the name of the blogger - eg I never search for "smart passive income" but instead for "Pat Flynn". Both Google and Yandex know who I mean - on Google he's at number 1 for his name and #2 for his name on Yandex. In Bing he's not in the top ten, but they list some facebook pages for "Pat Flynn" instead. But none of them are his! Nor is the linked-in page nor the MySpace page - so you click and click and try to rack your brains as to what his blog is actually called. Luckily he turned up in a few news items that mentioned his blog name in the snippet and I re- searched for the blog name with success.

        This issue came up with a number of others bloggers I was trying to find, and I'm not sure why Bing is so slow to recognise them

        Google When I went back to Google I was struck at how long it took the SERPs page to load - the logo took ages to load. What I had missed on the other engines, which Google did, was the site links - for instance, when Warrior was doing the "unable to load because of too many redirects" thing, it was easy to get round on google because you just clicked a site link to one of the inner sub-forums. On the other engines you were stuck.

        Overall - I feel Yandex could give Google a run for their money if they prettified their interface. Bing is not there yet - I was irritated enough with their inability to find blogs to move back to G.
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    i think i will take your advise i truly despise google
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    I've become so used to G's UI that I automatically resist any other search engine. Although the minor cosmetic changes implemented a few months ago weren't exactly to my liking. (I'm looking at you, black bar at the top of the page.)
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    I just tried Blekko and Bing - two of my aged and heavily back linked sites which rank on the first page of Google were pretty much in the same positions or better

    However a couple of newer domains, that are exact match domains that rank #2-3 positions on page 1 of Google are no where to be found on Blekko

    Cool experiment but I'll stick to Google
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    I've used yahoo and bing on occasion.
    And I've found both to definitely inferior to google
    in that they provided much reduced relevant search results.
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      I like norele.com (no really) I've been using it for a while now and it finds sites that don't seem to show up in google.

      "Norele does 5 types of search: general, .edu, .org, .gov, and .mil. Norele orders search results by: exact match, all words exist, and remaining. "

      I like that there is no advertising on the results page and not having to click to the next page after every 10 results.
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