I had an EPC of $11.75

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Hey Warriors,

Basically I had been trying Pay Per Call (by EPC I meant Estimated Per Call) but near enough gave up on it as my google click to call wasn't working correctly and the free methods seemed like a waste of time so I didn't bother any more.

It was a little lazy of me as only had four calls but on the fourth call some one stayed on for 90secs or more so I got paid ($47) frankly it was pretty easy money.

So my question is; Is there anyone else on here that does pay per call and has any idea of other good paid and free methods to get out there number targeted as I was using blog commenting which did convert for me but was SOOO TEDIOUS and felt like a hit and miss sometimes are there any others you use?

I'm From the UK and the only other click to call network I know doesn't accept UK folk.

Any help would be appreciated thanks.

Jouvan "Working Hard at Working Smart" Johnson
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    I think trying to get people that are using the internet to call someone doesn't work because they're already on a computer and would rather get info that way.

    Try using real world ways to get calls such as flyers or a billboard. I'm not sure how billboards work in England, but here in the US you can get them cheap in some places. Probably would only take 10 qualified calls to break even.
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