Would you create or promote a WSO product before knowing this first?

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What's up Warriors!

I just wanted to get people views on promoting and creating products.

When I started out a few years ago, I tried to promote anything. I was after the fast buck because I wanted the life. I still want it, but I've matured in a sense.

How many of you have honestly or continue to create or promotes products just for the hell of it? Some have built large lists and know they can just do a blast and milk the list for what it's worth.

While I don't have a large list, I don't think this is effective. Well sure, you're make some money, but you're burning and disrespecting the people who trust you.

How long will you survive doing this?

Understand that if you're going to be doing anything in life that it should speak to the true side of you.

YOUR products you create or promote should be an extension of you. I don't mean that if you're a "necromancer", just kidding, that you have to do create or promote products in this area.

What I mean is you should have an understanding of what you're promoting or creating, especially to someone else.

It's like saying to someone: "Go see X-Men: First Class!" And they ask you have you seen it, and you get all quiet, or skip the conversation.

Believe the products you're creating or promoting. That tends to really keep you at peace, per se, when no one's feeling you

If you put your all into it though, ask for honest opinions of what they thought about your work.

It's a humble as well as honorable skill. Sometimes people will say anything to offend you. I like what George I. Gurdjieff said in his book. I forget the one because I read a lot of Osho, Gurdjieff, Ouspensky, and Krishnamurti books but anyways...

If I not mistaken, I believe the story went like this: When his father was on his "death bed", his father gave him some last advice.

The advice was: If someone should offend you, do not respond or react right away. Wait at least 24 hours to think on it. If the person is correct, you can think the person for bringing something to the forefront that you didn't catch. An opportunity was given to you to grow, learn about yourself.

If the person was incorrect and just trying to throw you off, you can approach the person and tell them their observation wasn't accurate.

But why would you do that, it would still be a waste of time, wouldn't it.

So, of course we all want to "make money online", however, there's has to be some virtue that's higher than the money that we are.

The money will come as a result of it. It's like in the Bible it says the "Money is the root of all evil." I would say in the wrong hands it is with greedy people.

Whenever you're creating a product, are you just just creating it because everyone else is doing it and it seems you'll also cash in and make a lot of coins?

Are you promoting the product to your list because you know "they're blind and will buy anything?" Or are you being respectable and educating the people you come in contact with to be mindful of the junk?

Are you honorable?

Fellow Warriors could you please chime in.

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