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I am so sick of having to clear out spam messages from my inbox. If I am away from my computer for even a weekend there are over a 100 unsolicited and unwanted messages jamming my it. I was thinking, would it be possible to have a mailbox system that automatically rejects all incoming messages from everyone EXCEPT from those addresses which the user programs the mailbox to accept. Like the CRM-114 gizmo in Dr. Strangelove. I don't see anything that technically difficult in this.
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    It is possible to even modify your setting to do that, but certainly not recommended.

    If you an IMer and someone need to reach you regarding an important manner, you may loose it because it is not saved in you list.

    I am not sure if Gmail has it, but I remember doing it in Hotmail a long time ago.

    You also can try websites like : http://www.spamstopshere.com

    will send a confirmation of image to people you don't know before accept the email to confirm who send it is not spammer. if it is automated messages, they will not go through
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    I also got hundreds of junk email promoting products every day.
    I use gmail, and it could filter them properly.
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      Most email programs allow you to set up filters for your mail.

      In your case I would setup one or more filters that route all the messages from people that you want to be contacted by into a particular folder.

      What is left in your inbox is the spam which you can eyeball quickly and then mass delete.

      In MS Outlook you are looking for Tools-Rules and Alerts...
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      i usually utilize a temporary email address such as 10 minute mail to combat this problem..
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