Advice on getting more traffic to my forum

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Advice on getting more traffic to my forum

Hi, I run CoderzSpot and I wanted to know various ways for free which I could drive free traffic to it, to get more potential members.

I don't intend to make money off it, I just want to learn the fundamentals of how to get traffic to a website for free and get members to join
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    According to me, These are nice tips to improve SERP and get more traffic to my forum:

    1. Content of website must be good , effective and unique
    2. Posting in high PR forums
    3. Comment in do follow niche blogs
    4. Submission in directories
    5. Social Bookmarking
    6. Link exchange with niche websites
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    When it comes to forums, the amount of activity going on has a big affect on the traffic it receives. After all, nobody wants to eat in an empty restaurant.

    If people visit the forum and nothing is happening, they just click off. On the other hand, if there are many vibrant discussions happening, they'll lurk and eventually join to participate.

    You could try spreading the word by participating in related forums that are more popular than yours and including a link in your signature.

    Paying a handful of people to kick off the posting works, but I know you said free methods. Perhaps you can trade some banner ads for people participating, just to get it going.
    Zach Waldman - Los Angeles Magician
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    Free traffic is very hard to come by for a forum. Zach hit the nail on the head about posters not wanting to be apart of the community because no one else is. I mean, for example, why did you choose Warrior Forum? Because there are thousands and thousands of people everyday that post on here.

    Have a link in all the signatures of other forums you are apart of and people will come. Just keep posting a few times a day on your forum and people will eventually come.
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    I would say you must provide value information in the forum to attract members. Then promote your forum in other similar forum or newsletter.
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      SENukeX is the best,you can get it on this forum for $51/month and submit a lot of articles and backlinks around.You can get a ton of traffic really fast.Invest some money to get results and place few banners on that forum.
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        Have you considered driving traffic from social media such as Twitter? This type of traffic works a peach for forums, since the visitors love to engage and interact with other users..
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    like others said here build some quality backlinks to rise in the serps. And the most important part for a forum is to add content. Open new threads to bring up content and discussion. You can even start discussion on your own at first to keep up the momentum and please the serach engines.

    A good way to drive free traffic is to create facebook fan pages and facebook profiles to attract people who are interested in that topic. Do not forget facebook is big and you will find people who are interested in your forum.

    Another good way to drive tageted traffic is video marketing.Go to youtube and load up some videos to promote your forum. See youtube as a big searchengine like google. You can get a lot of traffic from there for free.

    Last but not least article marketing can bring in some traffic. I would go with ezinearticles to get traffic and backlinks. Not as effective as the years before but free and the backlinks are valuable anyway.

    one thing you should consider is joining related forums and put your link in your signature. then join the conversation and give helpful information. This could bring some nice trageted visitors.

    Hope this helps
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    use social media websites like tumblr and hub pages. It will give you benefit.
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    What I prefer to get traffic is:

    2.HPR Backlinks
    3.Article Submission

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    I just check your site visitor count, you get 1,827 * visitors per day and 5,476 * of your pages viewed daily. It looks good and keep it up.
    Good Luck!

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    I think you should add more content at first. Maybe you can ask your friends for help or just hire someone online to post for your forum. Many people would like to do the job at low rate. Then use facebook and twitter to find people who are interested in that topic. Get those people to become your fans on facebook and become your followers on twitter.
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