Is Dubturbo a good product to become an affiliate with for a newbie?

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I have recently started with clickbank products and recently got my 1st site to page 1 on google after a week.. it ws easy competition..

So now i am thinking should try my risk with dubturbo? is it a good product with low refund rate? are you aware of any issues ?
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    I believe the owner of Dubturbo is a member on this forum....can't remember his name though sorry. I recall seeing it on Flippa a while ago though so perhaps he sold it.

    Hopefully he comes across this thread and can give you the information you are after
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      Hi gotti3636,

      I don't know if it's ncmedia, but I think he's in that market.

      If it is him, I'm not an affiliate of his, but I DO pay a lot of attention to his posts, and by doing so I've observed that he prioritises looking after his affiliates, along with many other useful things.

      Edit - yes it is, see his sig file in this thread HERE.

      Roger Davis

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    It looks to me like it might be a good product. It has nice gravity and there are some upsells behind it, so you have good potential beyond the 70% commission (nice to start with). It's not something I would have ever found on my own, my bad ;( , I might take a closer look at it.


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    I have found success with it. I have made about $200+ promoting it
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    Originally Posted by Chulbul Pandey View Post

    So now i am thinking should try my risk with dubturbo? is it a good product with low refund rate? are you aware of any issues ?
    I'm aware of an "issue" (but not quite in the sense you meant!).

    I know nothing about this niche (I mean literally nothing: I don't even understand what the product is), but I've just realised from this thread whose product it is, and I can tell you from my "general ClickBank knowledge" that this vendor comes very highly recommended: if that's not a very good quality product with a low refund rate, I'll be absolutely astonished.
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    I did some test with Adwords end of last year and the conversion was great.

    It was a direct linking Adwords campaign. So, just imagine that.. the conversion was about 4.8% without any presell on my part. So, basically.. it's a good product to promote with upsell at the backend to let you even more $$.

    There are plenty of affiliate tools provided too but the only down side is, competition is fiece. So, you will have to figure out how to out stand other top affiliates out there that are promoting this as well.

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