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Hi all,

I just recently started the

Inner Hero Marketers

Skype group

(learned bunches from James Renouf's Skype Room Dominator).

Anywhos, it occurred to me that it would be nifty neat if I could have a series of rules that were automatically sent to new members!

Well, it's not automatic, but I did discover that as the chat owner, I could:

/set guidelines (my guidelines)

and when people join, they see the name is

Inner Hero Marketers (/get guidelines for rules)

Other Skype chat owners are now doing the same.

It's not a perfect solution, but it does help!

More on Skype chat commands:

Hope that helps!
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    Yup Yup - I was there

    I did the same to my room as well

    I got the idea from Sid Hale's Rap Group - and when I mentioned it - Barbara was quick with the fix. So now we all got set up

    Thanks Barbara!
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    I didn`t even know that you can have your own chat room in skype!
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    I knew, but actually have never used) Only some group calls occasionally.
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    It sounds like it could be very helpful if you use it for maybe a team event or project! I want to use it now! Thanks
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    I am not very familiar with skyep. I have only used skype for the phone service they offer. Honestly I have alot of touble using skype becasue i am visually impaired and the bright color really hurts my eyes. I usually hae to get my son to help me make a call.

    Personally i love using video conferencing and the one i use is much easier for me to see. I have attended many video conferencing meetings with my team using these rooms. They work great. I am amazed with what can be done in these meeting rooms.

    screen sharing
    file sharing
    powerpoint presentations
    playing videos

    Are these availabe in your skype room?

    I am really curious to know if you have this and what else you have in them?

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    I've been applying the skype room domination to one of my niche businesses. great results. I put the guidelines in the skype room itself and I also have a members area web page that explains the rules of play.

    One thing I haven't figured out is running groups on both mac and pc versions. I can create groups from both, but the groups I form on PC do not show up when I run skype on my mac. Any ideas?
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    Thanks for the info. I'm trying to create on in Skype.
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