Hey, I'm still here!

by John Rowe 5 replies
Thank you oh benevolent one.

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    Why what happened? were you banned?
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      I was wondering the same... I was like, OK and!

      I'm still here too I guess, haha!
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        He made a post yesterday saying he had hacked allens account and that he hoped allen wouldn't ban him for it.

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          Originally Posted by Johnny Slater View Post

          He made a post yesterday saying he had hacked Allen's account and that he hoped Allen wouldn't ban him for it.
          Yes, and it was a hoax that went almost flawlessly. :p

          Earlier in the day Allen had posted a screenshot from inside the
          Admin Control Panel. I grabbed his screenshot and quickly
          photoshopped one of my own to look like I had hacked myself inside.

          I posted the screenshot thinking that Allen would see it right away
          and then make a comment in the thread. But instead, things got
          even better.

          Almost immediately after I posted the screenshot, Allen logged
          out of his account for what seemed to be the first time in days.

          Of course I saw that as a perfect opportunity to run my gag a
          little further.

          I posted to the thread to point out that Allen had been logged
          out for a few hours. I said that I deliberately logged him out
          as a joke. Then I said I feared that I might have screwed
          something up so he couldn’t get back in it all.

          Amazingly, another few hours went by and Allen still didn’t log
          back in. I figured that must have a few people wondering, so I
          took things further yet.

          I posted to the thread again, this time offering a reason for my
          ‘devilish deed’. I said that Allen was a coldhearted guru because
          he had rejected my friend request (also 100% baloney). The
          thread had nearly 500 views and I was having all sorts of fun in
          my mind wondering how many people might not be sure if this
          was real or not.

          That's when things took a bit of an ugly turn.

          Very late in the evening, about 11 hours after my original post,
          Allen decided to log into the forum. Lucky for me I was at my
          machine because Allen sent a PM to me saying that he wasn’t sure
          if I was pulling some legs are not. He mentioned the board had
          been receiving extra attacks since the change.

          It never crossed my mind and Allen might think the thread and
          screenshot were real. So I frantically started typing a reply
          before he banned my hilarious ass.

          I explained what it was I had done...

          And then a slightly relieved Allen Says, wrote back laughing, and
          told me that he had already deleted the thread, because it was a
          little too freaky.

          That’s it. That's how my brilliant sense of humor narrowly escaped
          the ban hammer.

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            Man, I'm sorry I missed all that. I would have been one of the geeks that was totally sucked into the joke. Oh well.

            The whole thing's almost as funny as your Avatar.

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