Just got a cpa offer from YouTube! New to me!

by AmyKay
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NEvermind!!!!!!! LOL I was at youtb.com. Too funny! Disregard! and good for them! Smarties!

Is this new, or have I just been living under a rock? I went to youtube.com, and got a special page saying, "Congrats! You've been selected from Michigan to take part in a short survey. As a thank you, you'll get to choose an offer." So I took the survey, chose my offer, and it went to a cpa e-mal submit. The offers were free ipad2, or best buy gift card.

Seriously, google? They dislike US doing CPA marketing, but they are doing it?

Have they been doing this a long time? I'm so surprised, I took a screenshot. We're talking exit pop ups and everything. Yes, I really was at youtube.com.
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