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hi warriors! i would like to ask you all what you outsource (if anything) and where you go to hire people? What is your method to your madness? Do you outsource people to do all the marketing for you?
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    The best outsourcing site, which I recommend to you is "Odesk.com" the most reliable outsourcing company in the word. I am also a advertising Contractor of this company.

    Elance is takes the second place after Odesk. Its not that I am one of their contractor. But here on Odesk

    -You see job posting is FREE.
    -Odesk Charge you less fees (10% of the amount which you pay to your hired contractor) than Elance.

    You can also visit here. In my information, these 2 are the best outsourcing sites and reliable.

    Other sites are


    All the Best!

    Best Regards,
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    You can out source any kind of task related your business. Outsourcing will speed up your progress. But to be a good outsourcer, you have to have some quality, like: you have to hire right person by a interactive interview, have to check his attitude and willing for work etc.

    1. O'desk is the best place for outsourcing out their. Don't go other marketplace.

    2. Never hire anyone without interview. Interview could be by phone, or mail or even messaging. Don't focus on freelancer's reputation.

    3. Don't do everything using a VA. You just give him task to do.
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    I outsource almost anything having to do with SEO, or designing/building websites.

    I used to like doing some of it, but not anymore- too busy.

    I find a lot of good providers on the "Warriors For Hire" forum right here. It has always seemed to me we should try to do business with other members, when possible.
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    My go to site is www.odesk.com and I outsource pretty much everything... article writing and posting, blog writing, video creation and uploading, product creation sometimes, website development, etc.
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    Hi dkbiz92 i normally outsource anything to do with writing, articles ,blog and ebooks etc.I Just haven't got any writing skills so it takes away any stress that writing these things causes.
    Always head to elance had some good quality work done there , but buyer beware i always ask for sample work before i award the work.
    The method in my madness being the work gets done a lot faster than i could ever get it done and with any outsourcing the work is done to a better standard that i could ever achieve.

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    This year I'm outsourcing my Trick or Treating.

    I'm paying some neighborhood kids $1 each to go get tons of candy from my neighbors.

    Then I'm going to give all of the candy to a select few children I know who are addicted to sugar.

    When they get cavities I'm going to refer them to my dentist and get a referral fee for each.
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    I agree with Bruce. You can outsource almost anything you may need right here on the Warrior Forum. I have hired people to do graphic design work, for example, and been pleased by the results.

    When you can outsource it here, I believe you should do so. It keeps the community thriving, and when the time comes for you to sell your own product or service, you may benefit from that.
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    we do everything in house except our talent
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      oDesk is the best marketplace for outsource anything. Elance & Guru are what you may also try for outsource. For website content & article writer ifreelance Is the best
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    I simply prefer to do everything meself.

    I *am* looking at teaching my kids some of my stuff, mind you....
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    I outsource anything SEO. I don't know how to do it and do not have the time to learn it.

    I also outsource any web design I am either incapable of doing or determine it is too time consuming.

    My time is best spent writing. That's where I make my money.

    Concentrating on your talents, the part of your business where you are capable of making the most money is one of the keys to a successful business.

    I am currently working on another IM idea that involves a complete package, SEO, mobile sites, autoresponders, etc. I will write the content for the autoresponders, do the setup and broadcasts. However, I will outsource the SEO and mobile website services. I will charge the client an amount that will not only cover the cost of my outsourcing but return a nice fee for myself.
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    PS - one of the best places to find talent is right here on this forum.
    Learn Website Tips, How to Do Keyword Research, & How to Write Killer Content.
    Stop Wasting Time.
    Start Living Your Dream.
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    I agree, Odesk is really good because you can see a time log of what your worker is doing. I wouldn't recommend them for everything though. For things like sales copy I much prefer to go with a pro copywriter with a reputation (these people usually aren't on freelance sites from what I can tell).
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    I would agree with the above posts outsourcing is certainly a really big way to leverage your precious time and ramp up your business. Obviously costs play a part and I would suggest you begin by outsourcing the tasks you either find too tough to do yourself (for example content creation) or simply do not have the patience to do (SEO is usually spoken of in this context).

    In the end you want to be able to be in a situation where you have the best people doing things for you although in my own view you really need to know how things operate yourself first before handing it over to others. That way you know the ins and outs and cannot be taken for a ride.

    For me, outsourcing is an integral part of my online business. I use a variety of sources too including vworker and odesk as well as fiverr for certain one off tasks. The key especially when wanting to hire someone for the long term is to get them to do a one off job first and to increase their workload accordingly as you begin to see the results you want. It can be tricky when you are on a deadline but it pays to select your team correctly from the outset rather then to have unreliable elements that pop up at the worst times. Above all outsourcing should give you the opportunity to do the tasks you love doing while delegating the tasks that you either dont enjoy or indeed know others can do better than you!
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