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Hi everyone or anyone:

I'm new to IM and am taking NPC. The most challenging issue for me right now is learning how to find niches.

Would someone give me personal (if you have used it) suggestions on what will help me - "how to put my thinking cap on?"

Much appreciated.

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    the best thing to do is just pick one and stick with it, most people send a few visitors to a site, don't make any sales and assume it's the niche.

    My advice is to choose a niche in under 5 minutes and dedicate yourself to it. Even if there was a "magic niche" a bad marketer wouldn't be able to make any sales with it.

    It's really about the offer you make to that niche.

    there's niche Ideas everywhere, tv, radio, magazine rack, and basically any where else there are ads.

    or just cheat and look at the top 100 list on clickbank.
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    Go with something you know something about. If you know something about your niche to begin with you won't get frustrated as easily. If it's something you're interested in all the better. Whether you choose to write articles, do blog posts, or just pay for traffic your prospects will be able to tell if you like what you're doing.
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    I make lists of what I do and like to do and also things that interest my friends. That is usually a good starting point. Pick something you won't get sick of talking about/writing about/thinking about anytime soon!
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    I completely agree with the guys above. In order for a site to rank well, you need to be able to write a lot of content for it, therefore, writing about a subject that interest you is key. Most people spend all their time searching for a good niche, and forget about the important bit of actually building a site etc. Pick a niche, stick with it, work hard at it, and in 6 months you should start to see results. Dont waste time finding the perfect niche, you will not find it. Even if you do, as stated in the comments above, you may not market it sufficiently enough to take advantage of the good niche.
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    One good way to start is go look at Amazon, eBay, etc. You'll find hundreds, if not thousands, of niches. You don't necessarily have to use those niches, but it does help jumpstart your brain.
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    In addition to the comments made above your niche needs to be on something that people want to buy.

    You may have the greatest idea but if no-one wants to buy no matter what you offer it will be difficult to make a sale.
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    When looking for a niche I try to find one that is EVERGREEN, meaning it's not seasonal. So selling snow shovels or beach umbrellas would NOT be an evergreen marketplace.

    I think niches on making money work great because people are willing to spend money to make money. I also look for vanity type markets. Health and beauty are great niches, Hair loss, weight loss etc.. Also dating and how to get the guy or girl work great.

    Then I look for PRODUCTS first in those niches. I like to find products that can really only be found online. You can read about treadmills online and then go to Sears and buy a treadmill.

    I also like to find health and vanity products where there is some personal embarrassment evolved. People dont like going into a store and buying stuff for their stinky feet, stinky breath. small wee-wee etc.. Its much easier for these types of people to go online, order and have it shipped in a private box.

    I like to find one product and promote it as my end all be all. Then I add some other related products and review those. You can get traffic for those lesser known products and then your website can convince them to buy your more expensive product.

    Speaking of expensive, I like to find a product that will pay me $25-$40 per sale. I want to make money, not pennies. I hope this helps.

    Bill Parlaman
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    This is the most crucial part of your business venture so give time to it !!

    You need to take a look at various things, what do you know, how can you help people, look at needy markets, how can you solve a problem or make life easier for people.
    Emotions play a big part in marketing so take a look at peoples emotions and how you can leverage that to achieve sales, people have wants and needs and the old greed glands are also worth taking a look at.

    Take a look at the books "Dummies", these people have done the research for you, all the Dummies books have a market.

    But the most crucial thing you need to have in place is how you can get to your market.

    You need to make sure you can find areas to get to your chosen niche for as little cost to you as possible to limit the old profit being outstripped by cost scenario kicking into place.

    Every minute spent on this part of your business will be saved tenfold later on trust me.

    Areas to look !!

    Magazines on shelves,
    Dummies books,
    Yahoo answers,
    Google keyword search tool,
    Micro niche finder,
    Hot selling Clickbank products shows off a market
    Are there forums out there,
    Try to stick to Health, Wealth and Personal Development "you only need a small piece of a big pie to make you rich"
    Etc Etc Etc.............

    Obviously the big one is what all the big gurus make millions out of !! "they sell the money". Everyone wants more cash so if you can provide a way for them to achieve this then you will become the popular kid in the class.

    All the best,

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      I wouldn't think of it as 'finding a niche'. Stick to the tried and tested ones - heath , wealth , relationships etc and find how to get a slice of them - and give thought on how to incorporate social interaction in what you do.
      Rockin' in the free world
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