Anybody having Bluehost issues with loading time?

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My problem is that my sites hosted at Bluehost are taking an extremely long time to load, I mean minutes at a time and am having the same issue logging in to my Bluehost account as so far I've been waiting for the page to load for at least three minutes and counting.

Is anybody else using Bluehost having any similar issues?
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    No, not at all today, a few weeks back I had issues but all has been working as it should lately.
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    had a client with bluehost before. it depends on what part of the world you connect to. too much hops make it a bit slow.

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    Something's definitely not right....
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    No I used it today and had no problem

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    Yes, one of my friends has. He says something about Bluehost is throttling.

    I answered him: Use Hostgator.
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    • THROTTLING: Most hosting companies do NOT have slow service. BUT, if you are on "shared hosting" and one of the accounts has something wrong where it is using too many server resources, then all of the accounts on that server "could" be slower. TO AVOID THIS, "throttling" isolates that "one" account so that the other accounts on that server will not be effected. If "your" account is throttled, then you need to fix your problems.

      CONNECTIONS: Do a traceroute to your hosted account, and you should be able to tell where your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is "having connection issues." Remember that there is no "magical" internet out there, it uses the telephone systems all over the world !!!
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