3 traffic sources that convert like hot cakes!

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I'm curious to know where you find your best list subscribers... now, when I say best list subscribers, I mean the subscribers that go all the way through your confirmation process, the subscribers that open your emails and click your links.

Which traffic sources have led to your best converting subscribers?

***Just an FYI, if you're not tracking this, you are not practicing the 80/20 rule and wasting a lot of time***

My top 3 converting traffic sources are...

3. Forum traffic - Forums just like this are one of the best converting traffic sources for me by far. It's taken some time to build up reputations on each forum that's effective, but it's highly worth every minute of it.

At any point, writing a single forum post could turn into hundreds of dollars profit plus a good chunk of new hungry prospects added to the list.

Forums are so great because you are openly displaying your knowledge about the subject at hand. It's hard to fake it in a forum because people will call you out and quickly. You have to prove to the community you can help.

2. Referral traffic - I often send out tell-a-friend offers to my list and my blog readers. This referral method is one of the most successful traffic sources to date. For one, you don't have to do much to get this traffic. You just have to ask your readers to tell their friends about you and in exchange you will offer them something awesome.

Depending on your reader base, you could quickly add hundreds of subscribers in a matter of hours and they are all coming to you with higher trust than a normal subscriber. Their good friend told them to check you out. Can't beat that.

1. Webinars - This is a fairly new weapon I've added to my arsenal but holy crap do these things rock. Webinars are quickly proving to be the ultimate conversion opener. They work so well because of two things.

One, you can once again show people you know what you are doing and what you can offer them. Two, when you create a good webinar, it will be highly targeted towards one subject. Everyone attending needs to know about that topic. If you are promoting something highly related like your squeeze page offer or your product, these viewers will act quickly.

What are your top converting traffic sources?
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