Please Share Your "Marketing Mindset" :)

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Hi guys,

One of the reasons I hate the "take action" mantra is that it ignores many of the essential subtleties to making money.

I think that one of these is developing the "marketing mindset" and knowing exactly how your prospect is thinking and feeling, working on his desires to get him to buy and capturing their attention or getting your pitch in front of them when they are in a buying mood.

This is something that has taken me a long time to get to, to start "clicking" and I think it varies from person to person.

I was wondering if anyone would like to share their views and thoughts that might help others?

In this respect, I really don't think that my advice is especially good, I am guilty of working hard, rather than smart, but I'd love to hear from you. The only thing I can say is to get Richard Peck's ecourse (link anyone?). It really changed my views on article marketing.

Actually, one thing that I can add is to read up on PPC. Although I don't do any PPC, reading anything I could get my hands on taught me a lot about internet surfer psychology and I now use what I learned there for my article bylines and titles.
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    well this is exactly how things should be ... you can't force someone to take action .. imagine going to market and someone is just nagging you to just buy this , get this , how much you hate that ... its the same here online too ...

    I'd way you have to be less like a seller and more like a facilitator .... or helper ... that will get you into the selling groveeeeeeee..

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      It's all about emotion. Emotions are what build desire. When someone wants something, they are much more likely to buy it than when they need it.

      So, forget about appealing to the logical brain at first. Focus on emotions.

      Then, you can feed the logical brain a little something to keep it happy and knowing that it's making a good buying decision.
      Kevin Riley, Kevin Riley Publishing, Osaka, Japan

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      good advice Tirmizi

      i've found the way similar to you,
      If our orientation is "selling" and all about our own profit, we are more likely to say much manipulative words, which is not needed by the prospect..

      People are more likely to get influenced and fascinated by someone real experience about something they're also interested in.

      by giving real fact and become more "helping", the mutualism simbiosis is more likely to happen..

      i hope my advice can help you..

      Kindly Regards,

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