Looking to build a list buy selling a product, not giving it away.

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Hey everyone,

I'm currently working on a project of mine that I've wanted to work on for ages. It's something I actually love, gardening. I've created my blog (link in sig if you're interested) and now I'm looking to create an email list.

Thing is though (and I remember reading something similar on WF a couple days ago) I don't want to give away something in order to entice people to join my list. I'm currently in the process of creating a rather large ebook (made from PLR which I've been editing and sprucing up) The idea behind this is that the people who sign up to my list, have already shown that they're willing to spend money. To me, that sounds more valuable than people who just want free stuff.

I currently have a placeholder on my site which is a free item, but it is mainly for testing. So far, nothing, but I know my skills in enticing people need some sharpening.

Anyway, the problem I have is how do I actually set it up so that someone can BUY something rather than me giving it away?

Is this done through PayPal? If so, how? And how do I get the user from

Seeing my site
Pressing the PayPal button to buy
And then ON my list?

At the moment it's just as easy as them putting their details in and the auto responder sending it, but I have no idea how to incorporate PayPal into that process.

Any help is much appreciated.
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    Why not offer a shortened version of the large ebook as an enticement to sign up? Or even better if it's that large split the ebook into monthly parts, offer the first part for $1 for a week's trial and get them to sign up for each subsequent part at say $19 at the same time. Unless they cancel before the week's out you will immediately start making money. Of course you will have to have sufficient monthly parts ready before you start - I would suggest 3 at least - but this kind of system is quite widely used for one good reason: it works!

    Join the free membership site
    FREE to join. FREE products you can resell.
    Money will come to you when you are doing the right thing.

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    Thanks Busy, that's a pretty good idea. But how do I integrate PayPal into the whole thing?

    At the moment it's just

    Put in name
    Put in email address
    Confirm subscription
    Boom, you're on the list

    But if I'm to sell, rather than give away for free, a product to get on the list, how do I integrate PayPal AND get them on the list?

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