Question: Is it better to Flip one Site per Listing or a Group of Sites?

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Hi everyone,

I have a group of about 10 Turnkey Sites I would like to flip. Would you say it is better to pay the listing fee on Flippa and add all sites as a group or would it be more profitable selling them individually?

This will actually be the first time I am going to flip anything so it will be more of an experiment than anything. I have bought two WSO's on flipping but not one of these talk about selling groups of sites. I see there is allot of Niche Sites being sold in groups on Flippa and elsewhere so I am just wondering if the same can be done for Turnkey Sites.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks all.

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    I've seen this be successful with several sites that are earning smaller amounts. If it's a group of sites with no traffic and no revenue and each one has great potential for a buyer, I'd say you should do each one individually. You'll get more exposure and can build up your buyer list. Ideally you'll sell one to someone then contact them and ask if they'd like to buy another 9 sites privately. Hope that helps!
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    There's a trend currently on Flippa to sell a group of autoblogs ... all brand new, no traffic, no revenue. I've seen a lot of these listings and they seem to be selling quite well.

    Like most trends on Flippa, it will probably die down after some time. I've never seen one last for a long time. In the long run, if you develop these sites to the point where they are getting some traffic and some revenue and sell them individually, you'll profit more than just dumping them now, either singly or as a package.
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