What do You Tell a Newbie....

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Let me tell you the scenario ....

A newbie has asked me why they have not made made any sales from the affiliate link they have just set up.

I asked what they were doing to promote the affiliate link and got a response like I don't know anything about promotion, I don't know how to blog or post anything online, what do I do.

As sorely tempted as I was to answer back 'well learn then', I though I'd turn here and ask your advise on how to respond.

Any recommended free promotion and traffic generation resources that I could pass on, wouldn't go amiss either.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts

Helen xx
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    Help them understand that traffic generation is the most important online business skill they must conquer.

    If they conquer traffic generation, they can write their own ticket.

    Traffic Tip:

    Create a free or paid blog related to their niche and blog & ping as often as possible.

    Hope This Helps!


    "It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. -- Mark Twain

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      Be upfront and tell them they need to learn more about IM and they can get it free by doing the 30 Day Challenge since that is a great place for newbies to start. This way you don't look like you're trying to sell them on something.
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        what is the 30 day challenge iam pretty new and it sounds like something thaat i would be interested

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          I asked what they were doing to promote the affiliate link and got a response like I don't know anything about promotion, I don't know how to blog or post anything online, what do I do.
          No site, no blog - where are they putting the affiliate link?

          You can help someone who has taken the initiative to learn the basics - but trying to help someone who has done nothing to learn on their own can be a time eating monster when you have your own work to do. It comes down to how much time (and patience) you have available.

          My advice is to qualify the person asking for help before offering to hold their hand. I'd point them to free resources that teach the basics (blogging, getting started online, getting traffic, affiliate marketing tactics, etc) - and to good threads here on those topics. You might also suggest they read a good book on affiliate marketing such as Lazy Affiliate or similar and explain that there are step by step instructions but they will need to learn and apply each of those steps as they go forward.

          I've done this and had a few people who jumped in and did well on their own with occasional specific questions that I was happy to answer - but the majority complained it was too much to read, they didn't have time, they didn't want to know "all that" but only wanted to make money now.

          Helping a new marketer who shows initiative, motivation and a willingness to work and learn is rewarding. Trying to help someone who seems intent on being helpless or has only excuses for why they can't do anything is totally frustrating.

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    Hi Helen,

    Tell your client that they need to learn how to get traffic or else they will end up no visitors and it means no sales. Even you have good sales page, best reviews of an affiliate product and you are really a good copywriter and you don't know how to give traffic then there would never have a sales ever.

    Another example is a home office that deals offline without any signboard or a store in an island that you alone is the only person that knows that you have a business that exist.

    I put up a list of what I've used in the past when I got a project from an SEO firm and several other agencies that abuse my knowledge

    Here is it: http://www.warriorforum.com/main-int...ic-steady.html

    It's also in the mindset of your client. Let them know that they really need to evaluate other people's business so it will make an impact to them why some people earns and why they aren't. Don't focus on the problem because they already knows it. We already knows that their problem is the sales and because there is no sales it's possibly no traffic or possibly their sales copy or copywriting style. Focus on the solution.

    Let him motivate by dealing here at warrior forum, ask here or read the best warrior threads at bestwarriorthreads.com.

    Best Regards,

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  • I would let them know that you are willing to help them, bul only if they have specific questions. Also, you might want to direct them to specific resources that have helped you earn money online.
    www.AffiliateInventor.com - Earn Money With eBay!
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    Give them a hand ! You was new once to and do not be so cruel .

    Teaching is a very rewarding experience and sometimes it may be you who learns .

    I teach wp classes myself and I learn from my students probably as much as I teach them .
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    I agree with Trent.

    I'm new but I have people under me asking me questions all the time about how to generate traffic. I give them tips on how I do it as well as sending them information to educate themselves. Instead of getting upset with them teach them. You will get much more loyalty from them by helping them instead of sending them away to find out for themselves.

    Being a newbie I know I would respond better to assistance rather than a scolding. Being a newbie is a little scary and sometimes you just need a little patience and reassurance.

    Just my two cents from the other side.

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    Set up a blog..

    RSS the blog...

    Go to pingomatic.com...

    Ping the RSS feed...

    Your client should get backlinks like that...

    Also, go to socialmarker.com...

    And submit to sites like Technorati, Digg, Propeller, etc...

    Your client will get 1000s of backlinks...

    And it's...

    All free...

    Someone in a webinar I attended told me those methods...

    Haven't tried it...

    Working on a few web design projects for clients lately...

    So I could be wrong...

    But it doesn't hurt to try it though....

    Because it's free...

    Hope this helps...

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    Make him understand the three basics:
    A site/product/service, which he already has.
    Getting traffic to the site.
    Converting the traffic to sales/leads.

    Everything else revolves around these three essentials.
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      Originally Posted by businessmentor View Post

      Make him understand the three basics:
      A site/product/service, which he already has.
      Getting traffic to the site.
      Converting the traffic to sales/leads.

      Everything else revolves around these three essentials.
      Yeah very nice . but some newbies like a nice little hand holding experience .

      I recomend actually giving him some simple task at first like build a squidoo page . Then go and have him build a hubpage and just keep on having build different web 2.0 pages for a while then ease him into the harder things .

      Just my 2 cents . But you should help him but use the KISS method .

      K = keep
      I= it
      S= simple
      S= stupid
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    Agree, he needs to understand how to do each method as well.
    But, from experience, I have noticed that most of the time, new people get bogged down trying to decide what web site template to use, which articles to use first, whether header should be a bit more enlarged, etc.
    At the end of the day, they need to evaluate whether they have made fundamental progress in those three areas.

    Still, they need to figure out how to do each one of those, and some help there will be helpful for them.
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      Is the affiliate link on his/her own website or blog? It's much better if they own the online real estate. If they invest a lot of time and effort into getting traffic to just the link they are putting all their eggs in one basket which they have no control over.

      Why don't you point them in the direction of JayXtreme's free WSO on instant affiliate payout programmes. He's a good go-to guy for affiliate stuff so being on his list will help.


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    I say explain and educate and force them to actually DO the work. If they don't have the drive and understand that this business requires effort, they aren't worth spending much more time with trying to help them.

    Some people won't do anything unless somebody does it for them. This can't be in IM. Wouldn't you agree? So...if you can't educate them, give them the resources to educate themselves, and guide them but don't do it FOR them.

    Good luck either way,


    Craig Raphael
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      I came across a hands down BEGINNERS program called Tru-Guru.
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    Thanks everyone. I will compose a long email tonight taking your advice and be as helpful and understanding as possible

    Helen Doherty: What Would Happen If We All Let Rip(ple)?

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