Studies say to do your facebook marketing during "off hours"

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Raise your hand if you're a brand marketer who thinks posting to Facebook during "norma" business hours is the way to go? It's ok if you have your hand raised because you're not alone. However, you would also be wrong as a new study reveals that the best time to post a branded message to Facebook is in fact AFTER "normal" business hours.

I do a TON of fb marketing and this whole time I my thinking was "catch them during the day when they are buzzing on fb"

Any thoughts on this article?
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    Well who is going to see your message in the middle of the day?

    Teenagers, maybe college kids

    If you want the people with $$$ to see it, post it when they're home from work.

    I assume you're talking about wall posts/status updates though, right?

    Also, if someone sees your ad on the smart phone while at work, they're probably less likely to buy then if they're sitting at home on a desktop.
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    As counter intuitive as it sounds I get most sales on Mondays (you would think people would buy on the weekend)

    I guess most people wait until Monday morning to surf the net on the company dime instead of doing it on their time.
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    It really depends. If you are posting your links on a fan page Wall during peak hours, many people may miss it because it keeps getting scrolled down to the bottom. The trick is to not seem like a spammer on Facebook because trust me, they do pay attention!
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    I don't do a lot on FaceBook with direct marketing, but it would make sense to do between 5-10 in the evening since most people are home browsing the web around then.
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    It totally depends on your market though. To decide what is best for you and your fans, you'll need to test it. It's really simple to do because FB gives you so many numbers to help you analyze it.
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    If they are all on your friends list, it's as simple as logging in and seeing when the most people are logged in at the same time
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    It depend on what product you are promoting.If it is for the adults(with 9-5 job),then you could choose time when they are off work.If it is for students or housewives,you know what is the best time.
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    Many companies of course block Facebook and other sites completely whereas other companies completely embrace it in the workplace. The ones that completely embrace it in the workplace also tend to employ the people that are the heaviest users and utilize features beyond basic communication (i.e. interacting with brands and pages).

    Just like with Search Marketing, most verticals still make the most of their money during Mon-Thurs, so don't discount FB messaging during working hours.

    Then on top of that the mobile web whether via smartphone or tablet means regardless of the work situation people are always on anyway. So I wouldn't discount anything and like others have said test, test, test

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    I agree with Justin. Besides i don't usually do at Facebook. I gave more time on other things.
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    This is another case of someone trying to be perceived as an expert in Facebook.

    The truth is.......... That's only a valid perspective in certain niches.

    Remember - Facebook is GLOBAL.

    It's always morning/afternoon/evening somewhere.

    There are enough English speaking countries around the world that unless your business/niche is local - your market are always up and on Facebook.

    I've found this personally as I've travelled for most of my life. When I lived in Singapore there was a different set of people active on Facebook and Twitter when I was online, different again when I lived in the US, and different again in the UK.

    There are no fixed statements about when people are online that apply to a global business.

    As an IMer that's one of the massive benefits of having stuff for sale via websites - you can make sales 24 hours a day, exactly because you are exposed to the world and not just people in your time zone.


    nothing to see here.

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      Originally Posted by Andyhenry View Post

      Remember - Facebook is GLOBAL.
      True, I was assuming they are marketing towards a certain area (at least limited to a country) to make it a bit easier for them. However, if it is just general advertising and nobody is being specifically targeted, then you could really just have the ads run whenever. I have never see FaceBook release any aggregated statistics about this before though.
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    yes well you would think marketing it after say 6pm would be the prime time for adults with most doing the normal 9-5 job
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