Weird inquiries; Legit or scam?

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Over the last couple of months it seems that I've been contacted with increasingly shady "negotiations" lol.

First there was a dude who wanted to buy adspace on one of my domains, then he requested that I upload some of his shady files on my server (gtfo ktx), now I got this weird email asking to exchange links. It's weird cause I seem to get them from different people with different sites. (I'm very disorganized, so not even sure if it's from different people or not.)

What do you warriors believe about this site? Have you seen this?

Check this email I got:

My name is (Removed incase the dude is legit, I'm courteous, even to potential hackers.) and I was wondering if you are interested in exchange links, I'll place your link on my sites exactly here:

recapturerights(dot)com PR3
saturdaydownsouth(dot)net PR4

If you agree please send me your site details:


I´ll place your link in less than 24 hours, then I'll send you an email with my info.


If you don't want to receive more mails just reply with "unsubscribe".
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