Pls help me price this domain name

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Im negotiating with the seller of this domain name. Its a two word domain name with global exact searches of 110,000 and Us local exact search 9,000.

Its Primarily India targetted traffic..

The seller is asking $800. Can i buy this name? IT can rank #1 in google in 3 months easily...

Pls help me finalize the deal

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    I think it depends on what you can do with the domain. If you can rank it easily, that is a decent amount of traffic. Personally i think it is worth it, just be sure to monetize it properly and you should be laughing
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    It all depends on the requirement and the market value. If it is beneficial and you can get it to top ranking than i think you should go ahead but better to ask reason for sell.
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    I found the seller through who-is and throwed the stone to see if it will work out.
    Adsense will work out well if it ranks #1 and also i can link few of my other sites. There are two such names and im going to buy one and then put my best SEO effort. If it brings a good ROI ill try buying second one as well.

    Good thing is its not in IM or any niche where webmasters know about adsense, affiliate links etc... it is in *religions* niche. The searchers are looking for knowing a thing or downloading it.

    Thankks for replies.
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