This is why eBook-writing helps agains depression!

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I have been depressed for a long time. But when I started to write eBook's, I got all of a sudden a strong self confidence and the feeling of that I really can do anything!

I am also satisfied when I know that someone else will take advantage of what I write.
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    Hmm - maybe that's why I don't suffer depression. And I just thought I had strong hormones.

    Back to OO. I'd like to get this one finished or I will end up depressed.

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      Well sometimes keeping your mind focused on something helps. Just keep on doing what works
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    Sounds like you are using the part of your brain that activates your gifting. I sometimes suffer from depression but when I do what I was made to do, I feel more alive and engaged. I hope you don't put all your value in your writing, though. I know how gratifying it feels to do something that will benefit others, but the benefit to you is just as valid.
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