What's better: a large generic site or specific niche sites?

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Is it better to have a large site with multiple topics or is it better to have a more niche specific site? It would be easier to promote a more specific site but then a large site might be better in the long run...
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    A large site does take a long time to set up but that's the route I am taking. My aim is to make my site sticky, to use Google Analytics to determine the visitor time and value of each and every page. I offer good free content plus a mass of free products that members of the site can resell. This has taken the best part of a year and at last I am near the end of the pre-launch stage. If anyone tells you it is easy to make money online don't believe them. It can be done but it is hard work. You need determination and a proper plan to follow. You also need to follow your plan on a daily basis.

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    With the exception of large news sites, my sites are all smaller niche sites. It's easier for me to get links going and rise in the serps for smaller niches than for a large, general site.
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    An specific site is better for me. Easy to set-up and easy to promote.
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    My current project is creating a large, general site, but ranking it through the use of long tail keywords in order to drive traffic.

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