To All Newbies What Is Your Biggest Problem You Have Found

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I remember way back when we started we had lots of hurdles to overcome, we made mistakes, we got the wrong advice, we lost money and time, then all of a sudden we grasped the concept, i suppose we took the hard route but in a way we learnt a lot.

I was sat thinking it would be a great study to find the biggest hurdle that newbies face in todays market place.

So please share your stories with me, i think it will make interesting content for everyone.

Thankyou and all the best,
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    I started with both CPA and adsense and had success with both programs... The problem was, whenever I found new ideas, I spent time working with those ideas again, different strategies, etc.... I started almost everything but finished nothing...until such time that I lost my highest earning website...

    That was 4 years ago and I recovered...

    What I am doing now?

    I am concentrating only in 3 programs and put my hard work in it... I am not bothered with "new moneymaking programs" anymore.... I stopped reading ebooks about making money unless it's really unique...

    be consistent and identify your focus....

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    My biggest problem was the hardship of selling my product and how to gain the trust of my buyers.
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      I think you have to find a balance between mastering one thing and still not putting all your eggs in one basket. Both are very important.
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        Originally Posted by adamze View Post

        I think you have to find a balance between mastering one thing and still not putting all your eggs in one basket. Both are very important.
        So true, and the only thing that helps you get that balance is work and time.


        It's not enough to want it... you have to want it enough.

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    The hardest thing for me was too much information overload and getting distracted with different methods. I gave up for over a month and then started again from scratch and focused on one thing at a time with the result being far more understanding and a much more organised plan. Still have trouble not getting distracted tho!
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    It was so long ago when I started out making a living on the internet but I do remember thinking how silly it was to be sitting in my little home office with my website on my screen in front of me. You see, I came from a very hard-working environment and the thought of sitting there sipping coffee and watching the cold rain outside my window was a strange experience. My biggest problem back then was belief. I just couldn't think it was possible that someone was going to buy something from me whilst I was in my house. I still had that working-class thinking about the whole internet thing. Yeah, THAT was my obstacle at the beginning.

    These days I come across many newstarts who might not have that same obstacle as when I started out but they kind of merge and that is: belief. A lot of newstarts just don't believe in themselves that much but one thing I did notice was once those newstarts stopped reading ebooks and buying into so-called money making programmes they actually started to make money themselves...

    Because their focused shifted from what others were doing to what they themsleves could and should actually be doing.

    There comes a time when all new internet marketers and work from home people should stop learning and start focusing on earning.
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    That is so true, we are all in danger of information overload, take a look at this video, this shows how we are all in danger of information overload !!

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    The struggle for me was to let go of believing that everything I did in my business had to be perfect. This mindset just kept me stuck and afraid to take action.

    Now I realize that every 'mistake' is a learning experience and the more 'mistakes' I make and then learn from, the more my business will grow.
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    Not realizing this is a business like any other business and requires knowledge and work.

    Getting taken in by all the flashy headlines that promise easy, instant money online.
    44 days in and we broke the $10K a month recurring bench mark.

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    Hey guys,

    For me, it's traffic to a squeezepage/website and jumping from WSO to WSO, each promising to be different to the last, even though they all boil down to the same traffic+conversions=sales.

    Anyone can knock out a website with wordpress, even if they think they can't. But if you can't get visitors, it's useless. It's like having a shop with no shoppers.

    Now whenever I go to buy a WSO, I think, do I REALLY need this? I have lots of WSOs that I haven't followed through on and a couple of lists I'm trying to build.

    I've started concentrating on article marketing and I saw my first couple of clicks come through today and now I can I'm up to platinum on ezine articles so I don't have to wait a week for the article to be accepted and I can upload as many as I like.

    So I see it as now in my hands, I upload as many articles as possible (hopefully not at the expense of quality!) and then get that traffic flowing to a standard I'm happy with and move on to the next traffic source. Or outsource it while I move onto another traffic source.

    This message has come out bigger than I intended, sorry about that, I just got a bit passionate!

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    #1 For me had to be information overload. There is just so much to learn that a person can get lost in it.

    #2 Is the word "Easy" this is the great fallacy of internet marketing. There is money to be made on the internet but it takes work. Sure you may not be digging ditches but it is work none the less.

    #3 Patience - So this IM thing can be very trying. Living in an instant gratification world it is easy to see why so many give up.

    #4 Focus - I constantly find my self having to refocus. I never wander too far but it is a struggle. I have a huge interest in adsense sites and from what I have experienced those take patience so it is easy to look for that new shiny thing.

    #5 Felling alone - Sure there is a WF full of people but when you are doubting what you are doing is "correct" and don't have someone to turn to, it can suck. This adsense thing is driving me crazy at times and not having a mentor or a coach can make things daunting.
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