Affiliates - Do you trust a custom system?

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If you were to promote a product would you trust a custom affiliate system? i.e. one that is hosted and managed entirely on the products website.

Or would you want the security of a product that is processed through Clickbank, PaidonResults etc.?

If so what would make you trust a custom affiliate system more?
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    I would much prefer to use and enjoy an affiliate system via the like of Clickbank than one managed on the product's website. Then again, it's a question of trust. Clickbank has credibility. If the unknown site builds credibility with you as a customer, treats you properly, gives good service, provides good promotional material and pays you promptly then why not?

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    If you're just going around promoting anything you can find to your list, then you would probably be concerned about an affiliate system like you describe.

    On the other hand, if you have a good relationship with the person whose products you're promoting, then you also trust him. As a result, a custom affiliate system is no problem at all.
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    Phrasing the question differently isn't going to make the answer more to your liking.

    the points made here are still valid

    A professional affiliate may consider your system - but only after they can verify that your system has a track history, and that is assuming that they even find your product and think it is so wonderful that they want to spend the time that sort of research.

    I like to keep an open mind, but not so open that my brains fall out

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      Originally Posted by Nicola Lane View Post

      Phrasing the question differently isn't going to make the answer more to your liking.
      These are two different questions... this thread is about trusting a custom affiliate system. The one you linked is asking if Clickbank will allow use of their system without using their payment processing.

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    Sure! If it uses something like Rapid Action Profits, that gives immediate commissions...I definitely trust it.
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      Some affiliates will take a leap of faith and promote a product which has its own in-house affiliate program. Many others won't. It's just a matter of whether the benefits you get from running the affiliate program yourself outweigh the benefits of using a network that affiliates already know and trust. As a vendor myself, I use ClickBank and wouldn't consider doing otherwise.
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