WarrorForumSupport.com - CAPTCHA phrase does not match.

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I am trying to submit a ticket to Warriorforumsupport.com but keep getting the following error msg:

CAPTCHA phrase does not match.

I have keyed in exactly as what the captcha showed but it refuse to accept.

Is there a problem with the captcha system ?

And what other way can I submit get assistance?

Please advise.

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    Captcha works well. You must have eyes like mine! I find at least half the Captcha words I come across difficult to read. Just click the reset button until something appears that you can read!

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    I find it easier to read Captcha by enlarging my browser viewer size.
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    Have you tried using a different browser? For some reason I often find that helps if forms won't submit properly
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    I just submitted a test ticket and had no problem with the captcha, so I don't know what to tell you.
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    It was most likely just a browser glitch since the topic starter hasn't posted back since then
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    As mentioned before - try with a different browser... If that doesn't work - perhaps you are using a proxy or VPN? (if so, turn off the VPN and try again)

    Hope that helps!

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    I would have thought that captcha would have loaded on a vpn or does it not load here?
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    Hi Stephen, I discovered what the problem is because I had this problem for the past 3 months. I finally resolve it. I used a different proxy to login and it worked. It looks like my existing IP had been blocked most likely because my system was infected by spybots. I did the test just yesterday and today too. As long as I am login by my usual IP, I will never be able to resolve the Captcha. To confirm my suspicion, there was another helpdesk from another service and the same problem regarding the captcha happened. So what I did was I activated my proxy and then I did the verification and it worked immediately the first attempt. I will be writing to the Warrior helpdesk to ascertain whether my IP is on its blocked list.
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    Try to refresh the browser. If not, try it in 5 mins, it does happen to me too, I find that refreshing usually helps..
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