where can i find free wordpress themes?

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does anyone know of some killer, free wordpress themes (i need to put up some videos on the site, too) and where i can find them? thanks!
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    Hello, you Tenacious Flea.

    free wordpress themes 2011 - Google Search

    Just go through the sites and have a good look. Do you already have a WordPress site? If you do and have loads of contnet on it then just be careful the new theme is compatible with your existing content. Most good ones should be OK.

    If you are just starting out, then I would practice on any simple one that comes with it - the 2011 theme is pretty good for most purposes. Just play around and see what you like.

    Once installed, by default WordPress automatically supplies you with a Theme to use.
    You may want to practice using the default Theme at first but I suggest you also have a look at other Themes and how to install them.

    If you did a Google search for WordPress themes you will come up with millions. I have just checked and it came up with 137 million results…so you can see there are many to choose from.

    There are Best WordPress Themes, Free WordPress Themes, WordPress Premium Themes amongst many others. So just go and take a look. But first let’s look at some basic ones like the one above.

    The first thing we want to see are some different Themes. So login to your WordPress Dashboard – www.mydomain.com/wp-admin – and go to Appearance. Click on the arrow and in the dropdown you’ll see Themes.

    There are three different ways to find a new Theme. Go to Appearance, Themes and then Install Themes.

    Now this is pretty much where you can just have a play around to see what happens while looking for different Themes.You can click the links at the top -

    Search | Upload | Featured | Newest | Recently Updated

    Put a search in if you know what Theme you want; or customize your own; just check the boxes. So grab yourself a coffee and have a really good look around…you won’t hurt anything. Even go so far as to Install a new theme. If you don’t like it you can deactivate it and reactivate the old one.

    Go to Newest at the top, and a whole choice of different Themes will appear. We like this one called ‘frisco‘ and we want to see more about it so click Preview…

    If you decide you don’t like it after seeing it, then just click the back arrow on your browser and you’ll return to the page with the different Themes again

    We do want it so click Install, Install Now

    This screen will then appear with details of the Theme you are about to Install. If you click ‘Activate,’ and then refresh your page, it will come up as your new Theme. Click the Activate link and you will return to the Manage Themes screen with the Theme you have chosen showing as your Current Theme.

    So remember: find the Theme you like, Install, then Activate. Save Draft. Preview Changes and if you are happy then Publish. Go to your Page, Refresh and your new Theme should appear.

    If you want to change it back again to the original, go to your Manage Themes page and under Available Themes – image above – you’ll see your old Theme. Just click Activate, Save Draft or Publish, then Refresh your Page and it will be there.

    There are three ways to change your Theme. We have just done one way and that was by finding a Theme within WordPress.

    Another way is to download a zipped file and Install it and yet another is using an FTP Client. But we will look at those later after we get used to this way first.

    Just practice looking for different Themes, Activating, Saving and Publishing. You can always change them back again through the Appearance and Themes links.

    What we have covered is Free Themes. You only get two types of Themes: Free and Premium. As it suggests, Premium Themes are not free but can be better for your site depending upon what you use it for.

    Google these: ‘best wordpress themes, free wordpress themes, wordpress premium themes‘ and see what comes up.

    I hope this helps.

    Best Wishes
    Andy Moore
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    Hello i would recomment you this wordpress . org / themes remove spaces
    Here you can find them and then go to the dashboard of your website and type the name of the one you liked and then put it!
    Hope that helped
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    To be honest I would use the ones wordpress provide or none at all unless you can verify the source!
    Who knows what the developers put into the source code!
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    If you're going to be using free themes then it would also be a good idea to learn some basic css / php coding. This will allow you to take a less-than-stellar freebie theme and at the very least make it unique. Obviously, you'll want to make sure you're staying within the terms of the theme (if applicable).

    For what it's worth, I actually really like the Twenty Ten default wordpress theme included with the install. It's simple and highlights your content, and works well until you've made enough money that you can justify buying a premium theme.

    Think about it, at least.

    - Stephen
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    Check this out! Hope this will be of help: Fantastic Free Wordpress Theme
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    This is not free, but I use elegant themes for some of my sites, because it is 61 themes for $39 per year. It is not my number one source, but I know it is quality and they have customer support.

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      Originally Posted by andynathan View Post

      This is not free, but I use elegant themes for some of my sites, because it is 61 themes for $39 per year. It is not my number one source, but I know it is quality and they have customer support.
      Elegant Theme's is an excellent source for theme's and worth the money.

      You can find a lot of free theme's out there, but you will usually get a lot higher quality with a paid theme.
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    If you already have a domain name and have gone through the steps with a host, in Wordpress you will be able to search by colors, styles and types of themes you are looking for.

    You can also check out Woo Themes, they do offer great free themes, yes I am an affiliate, but just trying to assist on a quality theme such as swatch, placeholder, skeptical, the morning after and the list goes on.

    Hope this helps,

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    You can google out for free video wordpress theme..though there are not much options for videos theme because I was also looking for my fitness video blog and ended up with Newspanel theme.
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    All you have to do is going to Appearance menu in your dashboard of your wordpress then click Install Themes you can see many free wordpress theme there.


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    Flexibility theme is an awesome free theme
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    You might also want to look at Hybrid Theme, pretty flexible and many free child themes.
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      One site that I've used in addition to the main theme section at Wordpress is this one WordPress Themes (page 1 of 58) - Free WP Themes They've got a lot to choose from. There's probably a few in there that you could find useful.

      If you're willing to spend about forty bucks then this site has some great themes to choose from Premium WordPress Themes | Elegant Themes (not an affiliate link). For the forty bucks you have access to all their themes. I'm using a few of their themes on a couple of my sites as they look good and have a great set of options within the theme's control panel to choose from.
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