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Ok, so I just found out about all of this affiliate marketing stuff a few days ago. So I am a huge newb. That said, I have been reading a ton of stuff, and watching videos. Looking into programs and reading stuff on this message board. What I see is a lot of people (this forum included) pushing their "system", which I imagine is a copy of a system that has been around for a long time, but everyone just promises they sky. I have no doubt that there are people who make boat loads of cash doing this, so I bought a system. Profit Jackpot (some of you are probably saying "sucker" after reading that). I have since asked for a refund on it. I found that it expects that you already know steps 1, 2 and 3 so they start the program at steps 4, 5 and 6.

My question to you guys is; Is there a cheap course that covers ALL of this stuff, from the very start, that will help someone like me out. I am not looking for "make millions in minutes" type things, but something that will actually teach me the foundations of building something. I have a pretty decent understanding of how to build a webpage, but wordpress, for example, is completely new to me (their back end). All of their plugins, extensions etc...?

I get the point of the keywords on the back end, and within your sites content, as well as the importance of "real" content, and having a niche. I know there are many different ways to doing this sort of marketing, PPC/PPV and all that other stuff, but is something out there that would say. This is what X is, and here is where you start with it, and how to build it.

From what I have read on here, a lot of people suggest paying the war room fee as there is lots of valuable info in there. I am not opposed to it, but going through thread after thread, with 1 piece of info on this type, and another thread with 1 piece of info on that type is a very time consuming, and it also allows you to forget one thing, or if one is to feed into the other, it's lost due to separation.

Like I said, I know there is no silver bullet that will make me millions in minutes (although a lot of peoples sites like to tell you otherwise), but I do understand there are real packages/courses out there that can actually get you off the ground, that give you the real info you need to build something for yourself.

So I ask if there is anyone who has been in my position in the past (i have no doubt there is a lot), and you have a suggestion that ACTUALLY helped you get started, and actually proved to be financially rewarding (you actually made money) and can suggest it, please do. I really like this form of commerce, and it's something I would like to pursue further.

Thanks in advance!
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    I agree that reading and participating here on the forum and war room is great, but is not a system rather more for reinforcing and improving on what you already know.

    I personally know several people, myself included that have gone through this very methodical, step by step course that covers all the way from the very basics of getting started from knowing nothing to advanced strategies once you have your site making money.

    Affiliate Marketing Course - AffiloBlueprint

    Of course, you will only get results if you follow the system and actually do the work.

    I'm sure that others will agree that the Affiloblueprint is a great starting point.
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    You'd be amazed with what people give away in the War Room. I'm almost positive you can find a good beginner's course in there somewhere. Plus, once you've read a couple overview-style ebooks, you can then find much more focused guides to learn more about individual methods.
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    There are lots of free courses for beginners. Search this forum for "newbies" and see what comes up.

    Yes, and join the War Room. Until you have a plan, I think that is the only money you should spend for now.

    44 days in and we broke the $10K a month recurring bench mark.

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