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Hello Warriors,

Right I am in the process of playing around with wordpress on my site Our World Tour I have installed some plugins but I cant see where the option is to put them on the site.

For example I want the local weather plugin on the sidebar underneath adsense.... cant see how its done. The them I am using is Arthemia.

Thanks in advance

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    I found this on the official WordPress site

    (WordPress › My Local Weather WordPress Plugins)
    Installation: My Local Weather

    1. Download the plugin, extract and upload it to your plugins folder on your server.
    2. Activate the plugin.
    3. Go to Settings (Options in other WP versions), and Local Weather.
    4. Enter your area's zip code and hit "Save".
    5. Add this code to your theme where you want the weather to be displayed:
    <?php if (functionexists(mylocalweather)) { mylocal_weather(); } ?>

    Basically what this means is that you have to use the PHP code above (the thing that starts and ends with <? ?>) and paste it into your template file.

    You should be able to access this inside your WordPress admin panel under
    Appearance > Editor

    This will open an editing window and a list of files you can edit on your right hand side. You need to select the correct file from that list, in this case it sounds like the side bar which will be called something like "Sidebar (sidebar.php)"

    click on that file and it should display all the code in the text area you then need to scroll though it and try and find were you want to place it. Try finding the adsense code and place it underneath.

    Hope this helps

    Kind regards


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