How to get any Blogger's attention (and all their readers)

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Quick but powerful tip for those of you looking to reach out to bloggers.

The common wisdom you'll hear repeated ad nauseum is to "go and make valuable comments" on a blogger's posts to get their attention.

Cute, and it works, but there is a much better way.

Read the comments on any decent blog (and indeed forum) and they fall into three categories -

1. "Thanks" (i.e crappy one liners of no real value)
2. Me Me Me (commenter drivels on about themselves, yawn)
3. Questions

Blogs with lots of 1 & 2 have poor audiences. Blogs with a decent amount of 3 have something incredibly valuable - an engaged audience who aren't being fully served by the blogger.

This is your opportunity.

Instead of sitting there trying to come up with "something valuable" so say, go through the comments and answer every question other commenters ask, to the best of your abilities.

This does a few wonderful things -

1. Puts lots of you in the comments, and shows you know what you're talking about
2. Gains you new visitors/subscribers for near 100% of the people you help
3. Make the blogger love you because you've done their work for them - help their readers out.

That's it.

Now go do it.
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  • Profile picture of the author John Taylor

    You're giving away the good stuff!

    There's another benefit from utilising your
    commenting tip... You get to know your
    target market's questions!

    I visit a lot of the most popular blogs in
    my chosen markets just to seek out the
    questions being asked in the comments

    There's a lot of useful information that
    can be used for your own blog posts,
    ezine content and for product creation. ;-)

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  • Profile picture of the author EdHanson
    Thanks, this is an awesome tipp.

    I never looked at commenting this way -> but its just fully logical.

    Sit back and take a look at most blogs there are comments like mentioned "thanks" or "good stuff" or "I come back" .... commenting on such a blog is really worthless by the way, most comments are usually from SB or other programms...

    Sometimes you just dont see the really important, easy and basic things.
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  • Profile picture of the author digitalquilluk

    Absolutely agree, a comment (like this comment ) is worthless unless it contributes something to the thread.

    I always try to give examples from real life, for example I have just posted a reply on here re. competitors, I tried to give an example I have just worked through, something that actually happened to my business that is relevant and answers some of the question posed or illustrates my point.
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  • Profile picture of the author TryBPO

    When we were just starting off, we followed this path and it worked quite well for us. Now that we've built our blog, have a good amount of traffic, and get a ton of comments...we LOVE these commenters on our blog. They are our "superfans" and help us SO much in getting back to commenters, helping out the community, etc.

    You'll definitely get some attention from the readers if you're leaving QUALITY comments, helping others out, etc. You'll also get some attention from the blog owner and will likely get some extra love in future posts, tweets, etc. as they'll really appreciate what you're doing.
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  • Profile picture of the author murrad
    Thanks Chris. I agree your points. is really a hectic business for blog owners to identify the spam and quality comments and if we follow the way(you mentioned) we can minimize the blog owners work and make our comments visible.

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  • Profile picture of the author Chris Webb
    Well there we go. Everyone in agreement. Didn't spot any questions though

    Thanks for your feedback guys

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  • Profile picture of the author busybusinessman
    This just makes complete sense. It's all a question of time and how you are using your marketing plan.
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