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I am going to try my hand selling some micro blogs on Flippa soon.

I am not asking for a details explanation here of course, but does anyone have any tips on how to transfer the Wordpress blog to them. I see many people say as a bonus they will do it free, or for only $20 more.

If not, do you just zip up the files and email it to them.

Clearly I have to practice some transfers before I do. Basicly, at this stage, what is the easiest ?
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    Hey, these videos should help you.

    Part 1 - Part 2 -
    If you can just ask for their host login details so you can
    do the whole transfer yourself. If they wont give you those
    details then follow these videos between you and you'll be fine.

    Trust me, after the first time of transferring a site you'll
    find it much easier!

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    The first time will feel like you're diffusing a bomb.

    After 3 times, you'll be able to do it while simultaneously reading a kindle book, re-verifying your identity with Paypal, and ironing a 'Go Prefontaine' t-shirt -- sitting atop a unicycle.

    On your end, it involves backing up and .zip-ing your WP files, backing up your WP databases into a .zip and sending both. zip's to the buyer. You will also need to initiate a domain name transfer by contacting your registrar.

    The recipient will need to upload and extract the WP files, create a new database and import the database .zip into that... update the WP config file with the new username and password and database name...

    And finally... ((drumroll)) set the nameservers.

    Know that sounds complicated but, seriously, it's not that bad (these vids may help supplement the ones from Amitywill, above):
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      I just recently made my first sale on Flippa and the thought of transferring the site was terrifying to say the least. No idea why because I've transferred sites before when moving hosts.

      it was a breeze. Just watch the videos and you'll be good to go.

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    There is a WSO called Flipme Clone that claims is good. Anyone know good or bad?

    Thanks for the tips folks, truly great people.
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    Great videos posted above. I always outsource mine though as I'm not such an amazing techie lol!
    I like to be sure the job is done well and fast. I have a regular that I use from Fiverr he is great and has the job done flawlessly in a few hours.
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    The videos will tell you all you need to do but for my first blog site sold on Flippa, I just handled the login info and lucky for me that the buyer (although he is first time buyer too) do most of the transferring.
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    Here's complete instructions

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    the ABSOLUTE easiest way that I have found is by utilizing WPTwin to "clone" the site to the other server. This also allows for almost ZERO downtime.

    The steps I use:
    -Create clone - download clone file
    -Go to new server and create the account.
    -Upload the clone file and the wptwindeploy.php file
    -install wordpress (fantastico makes it fast)
    -change nameservers at registrar

    .... once nameservers propagate...
    go to and click the "Deploy Clone" button.

    You are finished. Everything is transferred. Database and all. WPTwin really is good and I have used it a ton of times.
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