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This is a fabulous news for advertisers. Google is giving $250 bonus money to interested advertisers towards advertising on Google Adwords.

This is a great opportunity for new advertisers to advertise their products and services without having to spend any of your money. For those of you who have not used Google Adwords yet, let me tell you, $250 can not only get you more money from the sales that you will get but also you can use this money to split test your campaigns, landing pages, websites, keywords, etc to find high converting combinations that will help you increase your profits in your future efforts.

Note: If you are an existing Adwords user, you can still get the bonus.
Please remember these steps, specially the part about the coupon:

For New Users:
1. Visit Try Google AdWords with $250 in free advertising
2. Create a new account, make sure you select standard account.
3. Add your billing information.
4. An email will be sent to you from Google with a coupon code.
5. Use this code to claim your bonus money.

For existing customers:
1. Add a new credit card to your account.
2. You will receive an email from Google with the coupon code.
3. Use this coupon code to claim your bonus.

Wish you good luck and remember, don't treat this money like free money.
Create a good campaign, do your research, build the sales page nicely andthen activate your campaigns. These kind of opportunities don't land in your lap every day.

Raakesh Blokhra
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    I actually heard that they snail mail you the coupon code not email it and you have 15 days to your new account within 15 days
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    still no one has recieved anything!
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    Yeah this looks fantastic - would be curious to know if anyone has successfully received the code?
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  • I was under the impression this was for new customers only - in fact, I thought I read this in Google's fine print. If you try and "trick" Google into getting the credit and you are an existing customer, they might ban you...
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    You need a code. It says right on the main page.
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    Greg Schueler - Wordpress Fanatic... Living The Offline Marketing Dream...

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    Update, they will snail mail you ...

    Stop posting threads Greg?

    I think this is a very valuable resource for motivated individuals who would like to take advantage of it. It is no scam or anything ... People who are not interested don't necessarily have to waste their time reading the posts and then replying against it. Strange Psychology.

    Affiliate Inventor, no they won't ban you. You are not doing anything wrong if you are a current member and update your credit card information you use on Adwords.

    Raakesh (Blokh)
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      Originally Posted by blokh View Post

      Stop posting threads Greg?
      His point was that this same topic has been posted OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER the last few days, leading to the same discussions, objections, pointers, question OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER.

      That's all he was trying to say.

      And there IS an Adwords/PPC section of the forum here, Adsense / PPC / SEO Discussion Forum BTW.
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    OK, this is only for people who have ALREADY received a promo code via snail mail.

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    yea theres a bunch on threads but noone has a coupon still!
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      No one who fills this offer out will get anything unless you had the code first.

      The people who keep posting these threads don't read close enough to realized that you have to have already received the unique coupon code in the mail before you fill out the offer and you would have only received it if you had been on a mailing list targeted for this promotion.

      Other than that no one is getting anything.

      So yes stop posting these threads.... this is about the 10th one I have seen and they are useless.
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