What a 'penny' mean to you?

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Do you appreciate everything you have.
When you throwing money on redundant things while others are struggling to make a penny.

When you have changing new clothes every month while others wearing the same clothes for years.

When you ignore your parents, don't phone call them even after months or visiting them, while others parent died early from accidents and illness.

When you got kids but ignore them while others spending thousands if not tens of thousands dollar to find solution to have one.

Are you thankful enough?

End of my rant ~ I'm sick, reading post about how bad their life.

~ Raja Kamil
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    Good share, we must be grateful, more charity and always looking the wise point of views.
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    What a 'penny' mean to you?

    One cent.
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      Originally Posted by Marhelper View Post

      What a 'penny' mean to you?

      One cent.
      Kind of funny, but a little disrespectful.

      As I've always said:

      Take care of the pennies, and the pounds take care of themself.

      A motive I live by.
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        Originally Posted by Jamie Gould View Post

        Take care of the pennies, and the pounds take care of themself.
        Yes, I burn a calorie or two every time I bend down to pick one up.

        "May I have ten thousand marbles, please?"

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    Here is my 2 cents,I put the kids first and try to pay as much as I can for their education,they are the wave of the future and are very hard workers,no handouts.
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    I've seen rich people who are miserable, and poor people who thank the gods for all they have.

    You're only as happy or as sad as you give yourself permission to be.

    Treating others as you want to be treated...it's the way to live your life. Always try to do the right thing, but if you do not...who else will?
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    Just out of interest.. who on this post was not thankful for what they had? If you are sick of reading people going on about how bad there lives are, surely it would have been better posted there and aimed at them? lol
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    Originally Posted by stevenjacobs View Post

    There is always someone that has something better or worse then you . So never take things as granted
    Right on. If you think you're having a bad day, spend some time at the local soup kitchen, you'll come away feeling very grateful for what you do have, and not jealous or envious of what you don't have.

    Great post Raja.
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    This was a really great share thanks i connect a lot with it
    Gratitute is what keeps the mind healthy
    Hi everyone this is my blog to learn strategies http://jasonmonachini.com
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    "There are those who have found freedom in cages, whilst others remain imprisoned by freedom." - Me

    As Matt B mentioned above, I've been there and can confirm there is something money can never buy after you experience the internalization process that takes place "in removing oneself" from the externalized and often superficial views of the world, and the demands thereof.

    I tell my 3 teenagers all the time; "You cannot increase your storehouse, until you learn to value and tend to the crop that you are responsible for today!"

    At the end of the day, we're all homeless travelers in reality... less you call that box your living in a true definition of home?

    The sad reality of it all is, those who have a cultivator's heart, are often overshadowed by the disguises the predator's bear to feed off their labors...

    Oh no, wait... that was part of my anti-political speech!

    In the end, we can't take none of it with us. Perhaps, if more people were concerned for "How they'll be remembered, as opposed to what they have on the surface" -it would be a good start!

    But they don't really teach that subject in schools now do they?

    Gratitude and Empathy are the ways of the wise... they too bring good things to life!

    All the Best,

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