Open Affiliate Links On New Page?

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Asa newbie to affiliate marketing, I was wondering if most of the real pros here allow the affiliate links on their sites to open on the same page or do you use target="blank" to open their links on a new page so you don't lose them? :confused:
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    I prefer on new page.


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    It depends on where the link appears, and the context in which it appears.

    For example, if I mention a product by name or model number within an information article, I'll open a new window.

    If it's something like a 'click here for current price' link at the end of a review, buying guide, etc., I'll link in the same window.

    It used to be considered poor etiquette to force new windows to open because it opened a new instance of the browser program, consuming system memory. Nowadays, most users have enough power to handle it, and some set their browsers to open links in new tabs or windows by default. So I let my context be my guide...
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    I'm not a PRO as my signature says I'm still learning. But I also think it depends on the page your link is on. And the page your link goes to.

    Alot of the times it's good to open in anew window because you don't 'loose' the prospect, but it's really now right answer here. Just think about it and you will figure it out.

    Remember though that this is not something important to focus on. Don't do the same mistakes I've done and focus on things that don't matter!

    I just wrote a post about this on the blog (first post)

    Good Luck!
    Tim Lundin
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    Opening on a new page is always better especially if the affiliate link will redirect to another site which is what most likely happens. Your goal is to keep your visitor/prospect/reader on your site as long as you can so that you can develop a connection and will enable that person to click on the link and see what you have.
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