How can I Monetize my Already Successful Guitar-related Website?

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Hey guys. I'm new to the Warrior Forum, but I've been developing websites for about 8 years now. One of my veteran websites, "tone settings dot com" is a guitar-amp related website. It ranks #1, #2, and sometimes #3 for some great keywords. If you type almost any amp manufacturer and then the word "settings" after it, you'll probably see my site. Eg. "marshall settings", "fender settings", "amp settings", etc.

I haven't been able to give the site the attention it deserves, having no money to invest into it, and I've been focusing all my time on building up my website development company and doing work for clients.

Adsense pays out very little for this niche. It's almost pointless to have it there, but it's there for now since I dont have any other ideas.

What sort of things could I do (affiliate systems??) to start generating income with it? The site gets between 200-400 unique visits per day (all organic).

I've tried contacting amp manufacturers for advertising space on the site but had no luck.

Any ideas are greatly appreciated!!
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    Looking at your site now, cool site, but right off the bat I see that ads are totally unrelated to the content, hence probably the reason for the low conversion.. For example right now I see an ad for Toll Free Forwarding phone service, and "Clean your Mac"

    I just typed into Google "Amplier affiliate program" and see several better options you can explore. One is an Itunes affiliate program, and various others...You might also try signing up for affiliate program and seek out more related products there that better match your content. That's what I would do anyhow.

    Another even better option might be to offer a free report in exchange for an email address and then promote several related products to this niche through a series of autoresponders over the the next year. You can also begin promoting more products to your list as you see more opportunities. This would be probably the best long term solution. Hope that helps!

    Nate Bunger

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    Thanks for your input Nate! To those that have PM'd me, I can't PM back, so please e-mail me at kevin @ (my username) .com.

    Could you give me more insight as to what I can do with a list? Thanks for your help!
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    Okay I added you
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    I think the best program will be promoting an affiliate marketing for your site.Asd there are some big affiliate netwoirks like Google affiliate network,clickbank,commission junction,amazon (can be a good option),join and find whether any of these have any products to promote that best suit your site niche.

    Work at Home Affiliate Program, great conversions!:Seriously High Converting Work from home affiliate program

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    Im not actually sure what guitar settings are but..

    could you not put up some guitar accessories, note books. Lots of physical equipment could be sold. Plus put up some guitar guides from CB as well.

    Plenty of ways of monetizing guitar sites
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      I'd suggest checking Clickbank to see if there are any "how to" guides there to promote to your visitors. Also check and see if which guitar products you could promote.
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    You can make video tutorials on some guitar tabs and hopefully make it viral. This is a good way to increase traffic since most guitar enthusiast would likely want to view videos. You can also have an opt-in form for your site. This is a good way to build mailing list. You can do this by offering free products such as free PDF ebook on playing guitars or some free tab sheets.
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