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All things being equal, with the proper keyword and research and the likes.Creating 10 videos everyday submitting it to youtube and then bookmark it as well as submit it to lots of video submission site or writing 10 articles a day and doing the samething as above but this time with ezine directories,which is more likely to produce more results...which is more traffic and more sales.

Assuming you have to pick one,which will you pick. I will like responses from those who are going to speak from experience.

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    By video marketing i mean something as using slide shows not necessary a camera showing your face
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    You're spending a lot of valuable time and resources to have your stuff on someone else's net real estate. Why not do those things and more on your own site and rule your niche with your own net real estate?
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    Originally Posted by successfulwarrior View Post

    or writing 10 articles a day and doing the samething as above but this time with ezine directories,which is more likely to produce more results...
    Trying to use Ezine Articles that way will typically produce almost no results at all. That isn't "article marketing". That's just attempting to use an article directory for its own traffic - a futile task indeed: that's not what article directories are there for.

    So I hope and trust that what you suggest with videos is significantly better. Otherwise they both lead nowhere! (No experience of video here, though - I'm an article marketer, myself).
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    There are basically only two types of consumers, those who consume content primarily in the written form, PDF, webpages, text, books, ect .

    Those who, identify primarily by visual methods, Video, Graphics, and text.

    However, there is a third grouping and that involves a growing statistic of using multiple methods of communication.

    I use, all three, Text, Video, and a combination of all three, along with other methods of communication.

    The most powerful of these is when you use it on your own website, to reinforce your content with multiple methods of media interaction.

    The real value is in producing content that is unique and is of value, if you create content that is so unique that it cannot be obtained anywhere else online, you leave your visitors no choice but to return to your website over and over again.

    That is the Win Win Win Analogy that can help you succeed where others have failed.
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    With all things being equal, I'd choose to write articles every day instead of videos.

    When you have a bunch of articles at your disposal, you can re-purpose the content in a variety of formats.

    You can put a string of articles together to create ebooks to give away or to sell on sites like Amazon's Kindle store or Apple's iBooks store. You can turn your articles into a monthly newsletter. You can easily transition the articles into a content-based email marketing campaign. You can do all sorts of things.

    With videos, I don't believe you have that much flexibility to re-purpose the content. Plus, in the time it takes you to shoot the video, download the video off the camera, edit the video, and upload the video to a video hosting service or your server, you could have already written 2 or 3 more articles by then.

    That's my two cents...
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    I made 1 8 minute video that has sent me over 10k hits since I uploaded it (to my site, not views). I have syndicated articles that have done the same. It doesn't matter what we would do; do both and see which one is a better ROI for you. However, those slide show videos aren't going to excite anyone.
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