There Is No Way To Know...

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...for sure what may go wrong when we try something new.

For example we may not have had a clue that despite our best efforts, for some reason there was a couple pages missing from our ebook.

We may not have known that someone was going to try and steal our work by posting a fake transaction code from Paypal.

We couldn't have known that some idiot was going to try and ruin our WSO.

We can't control whether someone asks for a refund.

We can't stop someone, at least initially, from downloading our stuff and putting it out for free.

We can't force someone to do a JV with us and if they do we can't force them to follow through.

We had no clue that Paypal was going to limit our account.

We didn't realize that we forgot a setting in our forum software and customers were now mad and confused.

We can't possibly know that some people think we're scammers because better information than we are selling is free or that it's all common sense no one should have to pay for.

We can't know that some people will not understand your instructions because they feel that they don't make sense.

Etc. Etc. Etc.

So the question of the day is WHY, then, are you waiting to get everything perfect and worried about every little detail and delaying your launch or your service?

You think that it's got to be perfect, right? It's got to be good, complete, and valuable but there is no such thing as a PERFECT book or site.

What this is is you letting your fear put up little reasons as to why things aren't ready.

The fact is that some people will try to steal from you whatever you do.
Some people will not like your stuff no matter what you do.
Some people will ask for refunds no matter what you do.
The majority of people won't lift a finger to do what you teach no matter what.
You are going to have some typos or grammar errors along the way somewhere no matter how careful you are.
You are going to have big traffic days and little traffic days no matter how much marketing you do.
You are going to have some people criticize you or laugh at you no matter how good you are.

No matter what you do there will be problems. Don't let this little things get in the way of your success.

Once you launch you can then see all these little things (before there was no way to know but now that you've launched you see what needs to change) and fix them.

Don't let the unknown hold you back.

What problems have you discovered after you launched a product or service that you didn't know about beforehand?

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    What you are saying is similar to what Guy Kawasaki says in his book, which is, "just do it crappy".

    Which of course, he explains is not really crappy but he makes the point to get it done and gives lots of examples of really big things that launched while they were still imperfect.

    And yes, there will be those things that happen too. That is all part of being in business.

    Good post! Thanks.
    44 days in and we broke the $10K a month recurring bench mark.

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    Getting married three times, I can tell you that you definitely have no way of knowing for sure what may go wrong when you try something new. However, if you don't keep trying you'll never taste success (Yeah, wife #3 is fantastic and well worth the effort and pain of the first 2 attempts).

    Same in business!
    Kevin Riley, long-time Warrior living in Osaka, Japan

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    Maybe you should coin a new term - Perfection Paralysis.

    I know I was suffering from it for a couple of weeks while developing Panda Approved: On Page SEO. I finally had to just stop tinkering and put it out there. Now there is nothing left for me to wait and see how it is received.

    But that Perfection Paralysis is definitely a beast to overcome.

    Your post is very appreciated. Thank you.
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