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Hello warriors,

O.K I would like to put together a cd with images on it that I've created
for all my scrapbookers.
I wanted to know if there is anyone who is doing anything like this?
And if they are than what's the best way to put the cd together
in terms of size of the images and resolution and things like that
Also what is some of the best ways to market such a cd.

Thanks in advance for any replies
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    it all depneds on what you're doing.

    If you already have a market, a list and cutomers then they are the best people to telll you about the sizes etc. If not, then take alook at and see how they classify the sizes.

    Marketing is a big question ... you really should find the market first (and that's a a whole training course in itself) BEFORE you go to the effort of creating a product. Your market research will answer many of your questions about your product and even marketing.

    But it sounds like you need to start from the beginning. Unfortunately there is no one-paragraph answer to your questions.

    Good luck
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