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Here is my situation. You may be extremely surprised, you may not. And you may be frustrated with my situation.

I am a young Internet Affiliate Marketer. I have never made a sale in my life. I have only become a I.F.M since the Summer of 2008. I have understood everything about Affiliate Marketing, and Affiliate Programs, and I know how to Market.

But here's where the problem comes in..

I can't invest. Since I'm young, I can't invest, so that's my problem. Most people have their success FROM investing in to Internet Marketing, and I am fully aware of that.

So, I'm stuck with using the FREE Tools on the Internet, Marketing my Affiliate Products.

Help. I am completely broke, no investment allowed, and I'm stuck with the FREE Tools on the Internet.

I need sales obviously, and I am currently using Clickbank. I want to make a consistent flow of income, and I am to the point of quiting (seriously). I need help, fast.

Please take my situation to heart. I am seriously broke.

Thank You,
Vernon Nava
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    Look into CB for products with gravity around 80-120.
    Look for some long tail keywords without much competition. If you can find a good number of long tail keywords, start a web site for that niche.
    Use article marketing to drive traffic to your web site.
    Set a goal of xx articles per day. Increase xx after every week, as you gain more experience.
    Put some classified ads out there for your product.
    Every week, evaluate what you have done.
    All articles should have one goal: conversion.
    If you can afford it, look for sites related to your niche at the top of search results for keywords with significant volume. Request them to put your ad or banner there.

    You will get there, if you are serious and consistent.
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  • Thanks.

    Do you know where I should post my Articles? I know eZine Articles, GoArticles, ArticlesBase, etc. are all great. But I want a more diverse range of submitting my articles.

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    Create Squidoo pages also, for your keywords. Use 80/20 - stick with those for now. When you have more time and money, expand.
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  • What's 80/20? And How Do I Effectively Market on Squidoo?

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    80/20 - 20% of efforts will produce 80% results. If you focus on the top 5, you can get a significant amount of traffic.
    Squidoo - do on page SEO, that will be enough. And build some links to that page.
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    If you create a squidoo lens, make sure you ping the rss feed at places like to create a nice burst of visitors - as long as you have a good headline.

    Hope This Helps!!


    "It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. -- Mark Twain

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    I was in your place a few years back. I have totally $0 with me, and my parents don't trust me.

    What I did was AdSense though. I used lots of BlogSpot blogs and after receiving my first check, I quickly deposit some money to my Paypal.

    My advise is that you should take things slowly and patiently. At some point, I felt like giving up, but I went on.

    Good luck
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    if you have studied affiliate marketing as much as you have you should know these steps already. that being said you can use a free blogger or wordpress blog as a site for now and write reviews for products on clickbank and use article marketing to generate traffic to your reviews and you can use web 2.0 marketing to get traffic to your articles.

    it is not going to be an overnight thing but if you keep doing it everyday then you will begin to get money. then, once you have money, you MUST re-invest in into your internet marketing. find your most profitable campaign and get a domain name and hosting. set up an autoresponder and create a free ebook giveaway.

    if you spend the money you make on "stuff" then you are not treating it like a business and you probably wont make much money. Just the truth

    Need Articles, Reports, eBooks, anything?
    Check Out My Ghost Writing Services

    PLR articles and reports? Coming Soon...

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