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Good day warrior...

I am thinking about the best way to monetize this website Calvin Klein Handbags - Exquisitely Designed for Style and Comfort. I presently added adsense and amazon but it not converting very well although it recieve a decent amount of traffic. Please do you have any suggestion to improve it...?
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    Sign up for a CJ account and start searching for merchants that sell the bags. I'd be willing to bet you'll find commissions between 10% and 25%. Remove those Amazon links and start promoting the merchants you signed up for through CJ.

    Also, add some more articles discussing the bags. Think about why a woman would want one of these bags and write about that. Get them absolutely eager to buy these bags and THEN include a link.

    What you have on the homepage looks like a bunch of bull**** and a desperate attempt to get them to click over to Amazon.

    For example your very first sentence states, "If you are a trendy woman, you probably would not feel complete without your handbag."

    Wrong. Women don't feel complete with ANY handbag. They feel complete with a Calvin Klein handbag. They feel all the other women looking at them with envy, because they have a Calvin Klein handbag--a well-designed bag that just exudes status and excellence!

    I didn't even finish reading what you have on that page, but goodness gracious, please go back to the drawing board on your article there. Remember, sell your readers on the feeling they will get from the product. You'll see your conversions increase.

    Also, whats up with the links in your footer?
    You're going to fail. If you're afraid of failure then you do not belong in the Internet Marketing Business. Period.
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    Use Market Samurai, yes I said Market Samurai, though it is a keyword research tool, they have a neat feature to simplify the search for good affiliate products.
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    I don't know if it's just me, but I don't see any Adsense on your site, just a big empty space.

    My advice would be to add more pages - perhaps one page for each handbag and give more detailed advice on each individual handbag. Grab a copy of Deadbeat Super Affiliate and set your website out following that - it will increase your conversions.

    It only looks like you have the one page on your site though which doesn't make it much of an authority site and I know if I'm looking to buy something online I would want to buy from a site that looked more authoritative.
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    I am also on the same point of view with MetroHome. Market Samurai I have used recently, its really amazing and very useful.
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    CJ is best for affiliate marketing. I got satisfied with.
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    you're using a trademark in you url... so, just be aware, this could be trouble
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      Agree that Deadbeat Super Affiliate is good to help you out.
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        Originally Posted by Rick88 View Post

        Agree that Deadbeat Super Affiliate is good to help you out.
        what is the deadbeat super affiliate?
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          It's Dan Brock's guide to selling physical affiliate products (primarily from Amazon, but can be applied to others like CJ).

          I'm a big fan of Dan's earlier stuff including this, but note you should probably not go for any OTO if you buy it, as it's no longer updated and a few folk even had trouble with it when it was fresh.

          There are several WSO's that look very similar - Jan Roos released one on here a while back that was good and I think he updated it recently.

          Hope that helps,


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