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I am looking for advice from realtors /estate agents if at all possible.

I really don't expect you to give me all your secrets etc., but just to offer some sound advice.

I have a dream which I need to turn into reality.

I have a beautiful Thai wife waiting for me in Thailand, there is an urgency for me to be with her due to her deteriorating health. The only reason I cannot be with her now is that I have bought a house in Thailand with a small mortgage and in which she now lives. It is this small mortgage which is preventing me from being with her, because I will need to be able to generate sufficient income to pay the mortgage until my pension kicks in in 2 years time.

Because of the urgency of my need to be with her, I have been scouring the internet for a solid way in which to find the income I need to clear the mortgage.....finally I have found it!!

I now have 158 days remaining in which to realise my goal. I did have 175 days, but I have been building my website amongst other things in preparation.

My goal is simple .... to find and list 175 properties for sale on a property portal website.

These properties can be anywhere in the world.

The property portal website in theory, makes it easy because they offer free listings with no costs or fees and give a guarantee that they will sell the property within 12 weeks or they will pay compensation to the seller of £100 each week until sold.

for the past 7 days or so, I have been trying my hardest to get a start with these should be easy with these guarantees right?

I am not looking to take any of your business away, but it is worldwide so there should be enough to go round for everyone, but any constructive pointers on where to target and how best to approach property sellers would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

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      Graham, real estate leads is a local one. Meaning, the marketing will be done on a local lever. Agents will be sending out mailings to FSBO's, foreclosures, probate, and even blanket mailing neighborhoods.

      I don't really understand how you plan on making money with the real estate portal or how you will be competing with MLS run portals.
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        Originally Posted by Thomas Belknap View Post

        I don't really understand how you plan on making money with the real estate portal or how you will be competing with MLS run portals.
        Hi Thomas,

        I appreciate your reply and advice.

        Making money from it is the easy part ... £2k on a sale ...getting the listings is the hard part ..that seems to be my stumbling block at the moment.
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        • Hi Graham,

          I just sent you a PM.


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            Not sure how you intend to make money doing this... My day job in in real estate, I've got a pretty successful business and the only way I have ever seen successful transactions occur is through direct interaction between agents and purchaser/seller. Personally I never involve in anything that is not within driving distance. If you want to be able to convince someone about a property you need to know the area like the back of your hand (services, community, education, shops, businesses, medical, schools/churches, local government, planning issues etc etc).

            Are you hoping to get a lead for a house, pass them on to the selling agent and then get an introducers fee from the agent if they are successful in negotiating a sale to completion? If so, how do you plan on beating the portal on the search engines and branding/trust etc? It might be possible if you focus on a particular niche eg development opportunities within a specific price range and location but it will still be difficult. Just wondering how you plan on making money from this... it's hard enough with a dedicated website, a serviced office and team of qualified negotiators. If you explain the idea a little more I'll try to give whatever advice I can.
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