1000 Unique Hits Per Month Blog = No Sales

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    Well, just from looking at your home page real quick... I can tell you right now, IMHO, your homepage is kind of terrible. You asked me 10 questions and told me to browse your blog. Do you know what your bounce rate is? I bet it's high, because that made me want to close it.

    Add some good content, your best content, to the home page. Link from that content to other important articles within your site.

    And also you have a form at the top for me to put my email address in. Why should I put my email there? What am I getting? You will get WAY more subscribers if you put some good content on the homepage and put that form at the bottom and say "hey do you want more exclusive articles you can't get on this site sent directly to your inbox? Sign up here"....I don't have time to look at your site longer but that's my 2 cents.
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    I think your blog site looks pretty good. One of the things I have seen a lot on sites in the relationship niche is pictures and testimonials. You should consider adding pictures of your test cases and the results they had i.e. pictures of the happy, hot couple.

    Testimonials could be spread throughout the blog so it does not overtly scream "Sales Page", unless you want it to.

    Another thing to consider is an Instant Freebie for your email subscribers, it gives a stronger reason to opt in. Something like "Get My 5 Best Ways To Get A Hot Women" when you signup for my weekly email list where I give you proven tips and strategies to....

    Last thing, you could consider an exit splash to go to an opt in page or a discounted sales offer when they go to leave your page.

    Hopefully that helps.


    Follow me on my blog John Racine Blog
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    1000 hits a month... Where is this traffic coming from? You may want to target your visitors more. This will help you gain many more sales!

    How are you getting traffic now?

    SEO is everything

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    Blog site does look good.

    You may want to use a bit of Sales Copy on the homepage though. A Free give away is also a good idea to build a list. Is the traffic targeted at all?

    Best Regards

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    I just checked your site. You're going to have to do some tweaking. First of all, you're going to need to keep providing good quality content on this subject. Then start developing a social media presence. Start off by having a facebook fan page. It's also important to have an opt-in form where people can give their name, email and phone number so they would receive any updates from you through email. What you do is develop relationships with your visitors and start sharing some paid resources that you think is of value and can help them out.
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    first impression about your site was the design is not good at all to me for a relationship site. it's kinda dull...the font choices are wrong. you wouldn't want to use bright colours with content that actually 'catch'...
    maybe that could be the reason, but i'm not so sure. all the best.

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    The sales is in the list. At least that's what anyone who's been around the WF for any length of time gets told. I have a really teeny tiny list and guess what? They buy my stuff. It is really amazing.

    So what I'll suggest? Grow your list. Write up a hot report and offer it free. If you are not really into the writing thing, hire a ghostwriter. If you can't afford that at the moment, buy a PLR eBook or relevant articles and rewrite (or hire a writer to rewrite it for you) then offer it FREE as an incentive to get subscribers. If you are not keen on 'free' then add a small price so that you know your list is made up of paying members.

    Good luck.

    PM me if you want a romantic fiction ghostwriter.

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    You should try cloaking your links. If you are using Wordpress, go get the Pretty Link Lite plugin.
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    The first two words that came up my mind when I saw your blog is: cognitive dissonance.

    For case you're unfamiliar with the term it is a discomfort caused by holding conflicting ideas simultaneously.

    The first idea is: seducing women, the second one is: online game. My eyes see template that is suited for online game, or may be for selling rugs. Yet my brain recognizes words that are unfitting to the theme.

    Subconsciously I feel that something is wrong, and my instincts force me to press the back button automatically.
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    Your homepage needs work. Since just about everything is in the same-sized font, nothing stood out to me - except for the "stacking the deck" ad at the top.

    Here's what I would do - Make your title bigger, don't be afraid to use bold words for subtitles and other things that need to stand out, and don't put all of your questions in paragraph form (instead, put them in a list format so that they're easier to skim).

    Also, the content needs work. The home page itself could have more content, or simply content that flows better. Also, you have some grammatical errors that are probably reducing your credibility (ie - "The best way to create jealousy when your with your girlfriend"). Stuff like that makes you look amateurish and takes away from the advice you're offering.
    Sick of blending in with the crowd? Ready to stand ahead of the pack? The right content writing services can get you there...
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      I'm not a huge fan of the color scheme of your site, it looks more like some kind of gaming website than it does a dating website. Dating websites should be bright and make people think of happy things, successful relationships, not negative things associated with dark colors.

      My name is Rob and I'm the founder of Career Dreaming, where I help job candidates leverage the power of recruiters to find a new job.

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    First thing I did not like were the colors
    I am using a brand new laptop
    And it made me want click away quick

    I did like your picture
    the colors are to dark

    Your optin in that position is off because before you could
    even provide value you want them to optin

    So tweak it some more and see what happens
    check out other sites in your niche
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    Ok, firstly your website is very dark and very busy. Some of the wording is small and it doesn't flow as well as it could.

    Where is your traffic coming from?

    What is your bounce rate?

    I hate to tell you this but 1000 hits a month isn't that great. It maybe that what you're selling needs 10 times that amount of traffic. For example I get 1500 a day and am trying to increase that!

    Before you make changes to your site you need to find out how targeted your traffic is and by seeing what your bounce rate is will give you a good indication of how long people actually stay on your site and read your content.

    I would get your site professionally designed and provide some great content that adds value.
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    If you want excellent results, more business and better visibility check out my blog and steal my free killer tips
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    You really need to see if your blog and what you are marketing is in the same niche. You have to understand you need to have your traffic actually be interested in what you are trying to market. For example if you are trying to market how to make money online program in a weight loss blog it will not fly very well. Just make sure your advertisement and blog are in the same niche and you will become more successful.
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    The site looks professional and I think most of it is pretty good. I think you need to lighten the theme up a little bit. It feels kind of dark and dirty. Like some of the others have said nothing really stood out and caught my attention. If you're trying to capture leads, the opt-in form should be the first thing visitors see and it should make it something they NEED to fill out in order to get the information. Your visitors should also be coming from sources that align with the content of your site.
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    Everyone in that niche sells through their mailing list. The seduction niche is crowded and to stand out you need a big personality.

    Your site is ugly. It looks old. Not modern.
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    I couldn’t bear reading your blog. It’s too dark and the white font is very tiring for my eyes…

    You don’t need to have a completely white page, but you can use a soft background color and write your text by using gray of black. These colors are much better for reading a document.

    You need excellent content at your home page, don’t write empty words. You have to capture your visitors’ attention.

    Give away a free ebook to collect email addresses and build your email list.

    All the best!

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  • 1,000 unique to your blog, but how many of them hit your sales page or opted-in to your email list? That's the number that matters.
    From $0 to $15,000 a month?
    I'll tell you how I did it with just 1 Clickbank product.
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      I think your blog theme is not suitable for what you have to offer. Maybe you can change your theme into something clean & nice.

      You can also include adsense to monetize.
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      I got to agree with most of the warriors answer. Change the theme, add more contents (unique please and make it longer). Last but not least, increase the unique visitors from 1000 to 10000. That way, you will make some sales.

      Hope this helps.
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    Thank you VERY much for all your replies.

    I will be investing the time to improve my Blog incorporating your suggestions.

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  • Profile picture of the author becanada
    lighter template; drop down hover subscription ; pics of pretty girls [cause that is really what you are umm.. pardon the wording ; trying to sell here] ; meat and potatoes on the main page. exit pop up or challenge if they do not click or view anything and cloak / hide links. You did not mention item price?

    That is critical to how you approach the client ; and pre-sell or prep the client to buy... D

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    Automate Advertising up to 200 times faster to 1000s of sites, own submitter[s]:

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      It seems kind of dark to me also. Plus, not sure if you're getting really targeted traffic, but with those numbers you should throw Adsense in the mix.
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    Seriously- if your traffic isn't targeted, you won't make a dime.

    Make sure your traffic isn't primarily females or middle aged men (since a lot of them will be married).

    I'm guessing that your target market is young men, right?

    If you aren't sure, use the Home | Quantcast Planner (free) to analyze the affiliate offers you're promoting to see what the target demographic is.
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    Honestly, i don't like the template of your site blog. The look is not fitted to a dating site. In addition, add unique content.
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    The poker banner at the top really throws me off and makes me think I clicked on the wrong site. You need a new theme - one that evokes romance or even some bow-chicka-waa-waa

    Your current theme is some kind of steampunk-goes-to-the-grocery store. Also your site doesn't look professional and makes me feel like I'm gonna get scammed.

    also the words "playagetslaid.com" conflicts with the "I want a long term girlfriend" vibe that your writing has.

    the domain name makes me think it's going to be a funny site with humorous stuff on it and maybe some kind of porn, and I can learn to go pick up some chicks for a night and bang them and then go home and never call them again, BUT your writing tone and subject matter is a little more relationship-y serious so I feel confused once I'm there.

    Also I don;t know what to do on the front page. it just looks like a blog to me and not like you're selling a product.
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    • Profile picture of the author Watchman220
      Other than the fact that I am totally opposed to selling the idea of "laying" girls to the general public. I think the site is dull and lacking eye candy.

      The people you are going for...(no offense implied here) are desperate boys, men, insidious sex addicts, and generally men with no honor or morality.

      Aside from that...you need something a little more interesting at which to look...and a little more tempting to the evil and baser elements of our sexually perverse society to go along with your theme of "seduce and lay girls".

      ALTERNATIVELY...you could play to the more thoughtful side of mature men who are looking for more than a one night stand...but that might be very difficult to understand if you do not share that motivation.

      I would wish you luck...but I think you should pick a more redeeming niche for future success...one that you can feel proud of when people ask how you made your millions on the web.


      The Watchman
      Create Your Business Out Of What You LOVE! We show you how!
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    I think your traffic must not be targeted enough because that is enough visitors to have a few sales.
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    well! I have the same issue, my website have between 150 and 250 visitor a day and no sales.
    I read all the comments in this post, and I like how the member don't cut corners, I found there evaluations very helpful.
    I would like to have a review of my website also, because I start thinking that is not such a thing like affiliate programs or chances to make money online.
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    Originally Posted by Player87 View Post

    Hi WF members,

    As the title says I am receiving 1000 unique hits for the last two months. However, I am still yet to see a sale.

    Check out my signature to see the Blog itself.

    Any reasons why this is happening, please advise.


    Your blog is designed to fail, the layout the theme the content is all wrong, chage it all and try to collect email addresses.

    Offer something for free in exchange for people opting in to your list then sell in the free ebook and sell via email
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