Best Way to Monetize a Website in the "FOOD NICHE?"

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Basically, the title:

What is the Best Way to Monetize a Website in the FOOD NICHE???

Say for example, I had a website: "Vegetarian Kiev Recipes"

How would I monetize the traffic it received?

I've thought of building a list from these sites.

I've also thought about Amazon: Promote kitchen equipment and cookbooks.

But any other ideas?

Maybe some form of product creation, but just don't know what sort of product I could promote to them etc.

Thanks in advance for all replies.
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    Make recipe ebook. Or if you can't, just go to Clickbank, check the marketplace and promote recipe ebook from there. There are some recipe ebooks in Clickbank.
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    Yeah. I could create a recipe book.

    How much do you reckon I could get sell it at?
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      You could try making a recipe book and publishing it on Kindle.

      Add some other Amazon products that go along with the subject of your book.

      Make a short ebook and give it away as a gift for an email, then send emails with links to additional recipes on pages on your site.

      Depending on how many people you get on your list, you could monetize those pages you send them to with a mass market offer.

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    Maybe even use CPA offers such as gift cards to grocery stores

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      I've got a food site and I've monetized it with relevant products from amazon, cpa offers, and also ebooks. The cpa offers I use are food related and are just banners on my site. Within my various posts on the site, if a product from amazon would fit in I just provide a mention it, then give a link to it. It works decent for my site.

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    Try Google AdSense :-)
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    I'm not a fan of Adsense...

    But Kindle Ebook is an interesting idea I'll have a look into.

    I'd also quite like to possibly create an App to go with the site. Once I can monetize it better, I can then use the earnings from this site to hire a developer to create an App for the App Store - Charge the standard lowest fee for it and hopefully get a bit of revenue in that way.

    Thanks for the ideas everyone.
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    ask warrior Ron Douglas! He found a way.
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    Monetize using Adsense.
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      Hi I have 1 vegan blog and right now I m trying to make a community of it surrounding the blog....I guess U got what I m trying 2 say.
      So I would be happy if U can put ur blogs link in my blog with some 1 para description.

      my email:


      I can convert your Non-Responsive website to Responsive website ... How sweet is that? :)

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    The recipe book idea is great and you could also monetize it with adsense ads this would bring in a passive income if your content is targeted and you are getting a good rate of traffic.

    I also recommend building a list and sending a weekly or monthly newsletter with updates to your list. You can then try promoting other products such as clickbank or your own products.

    Just my 2c
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    i would either use adsense or create your own product to sell on the page!

    or even use both
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